Making the Moo-ve on the Longhorns!


Dayanara Delgado

Senior Alex Alvarez going in for a free-throw shot after drawing a foul.

Annabelle Anchondo, Editor

The Wolverines traveled to Lazbuddie last Friday to take on the Longhorns to add another district win to their record. After gaining the upper hand early on, the Wolverines stole the win with a final score of 81-28.

“We did very well. Going into the game, we usually try to work on a lot of things like improving our offense and making the right decisions,” senior Alex Alvarez said. “It’s good for the young guys to get in and get a feel for the game. It was a good win and a good experience.”

In the first quarter, junior JJ Jaramillo led the way contributing 13 points for the Wolverines, 10 of which being from 2-point shots. Alvarez followed with nine points, with eight of them being 2-point shots as well. Both junior Isaiah Tovar and freshman Froylan Agundiz added three points to the scoreboard, and freshman Kaleb Castillo came in with two Wolverine points. Lazbuddie was unable to keep up, allowing the Wolverines to finish the quarter with 30 points.

“We played good team ball. We were able to just run our plays and practice them for teams like Nazareth or Happy,” freshman Froylan Agundiz said. “We had good team ball on defense and offense. We pushed it up the court on every transition that we had and scored.”

Moving into the second quarter, Jaramillo, Agundiz, and junior Gavin Gonzales scored five points each, adding a total of 15 points to the scoreboard. Alvarez and I. Tovar followed close behind with two 2-point shots a piece. Wrapping up for halftime, Castillo added three more Wolverine points to the scoreboard to make a total of 56 points for Springlake-Earth.

“Watching their game from the start to finish, they hustled,” junior Bella Gonzales said. “They worked great together.”

Junior JJ Jaramillo making a lay-up and drawing against Lazbuddie. (Dayanara Delgado)

During the third quarter, the Wolverines slowed up the game, only scoring a total of eight points. Alvarez, Jaramillo, sophomore Abel Quirino, and I. Tovar all had two points each, making the Wolverines’ score 64 by the end of the quarter.

“They played very well. I wish the second team played more when we’re up by so much,” spectator and parent Melissa Alvarez said. “If we make the playoffs, we’re going to need all of them.”

To finish up the game, Alvarez, Jaramillo, and I. Tovar all made two baskets a piece, contributing a total of 12 points for Springlake-Earth. Together, Quirno and Castillo added four points to the score, and freshman Timothy Tovar finished off the score for the Wolverines with another free shot added. The final score was 81-28, making for a good night for the Wolverines.

“I have high hopes that they will continue to grow as a team and get far in the district season,” junior Grace McIver said. “Go Wolverines!”