Should Springlake-Earth Allow Semester Test Exemptions?


Braileigh Goe, Writer

The semester test exemption for high school students has been a recurring topic circulating at Springlake-Earth, allowing certain students to skip their semester test with a few conditions. The student must have all fees paid, no more than 5 total tardies in each six weeks, no more than 5 absences for the semester in any class (doctor notes and extracurricular absences do not count), have no in/out-school suspensions, have an 80 or above in every class, and must show growth or scores at approaches or higher on benchmarks. 

The test exemption is a great idea. 

The semester test exemption would encourage students to work harder in classes. Knowing that some of their classmates would be failing, it would just make some people want to try harder, so they don’t have to take the end-of-year test. Some people like the challenge of trying to get higher grades than their classmates, so knowing that some struggle will just want others to beat them, raising their grades. 

Everyone has skipped school, and students will keep doing it if they get nothing out of going. When a student qualifies for the exemption, they should have the option to stay home and not go to school at all, giving them more time to spend with family or friends. With the option of exemption, more students will skip less school, raising attendance rates. 

The opposing side does have an argument in this debate; however, it is not enough to convince some to disagree with the exemption. Yes, some may not be able to qualify for it for reasons of not being able to make it to school on time because of car troubles or not being able to turn in work because of no internet access at home. While this does affect some, it will just encourage others to work harder. 

Semester test exemption is an option for all, but only if classes are not being failed and school isn’t being skipped. Go out and pass all classes and show up to school on time, so the exemption will be an option at hand.