Wolverines Compete at State Cross Country Meet


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2x State Champion and Record Breaker

Sayler Beerwinkle, Editor

Going to state once is a dream come true for most people, but at S-E we aim higher. With a broken state record and a four-time state competitor, these Wolverines showed the state what S-E is all about!

Sophomore Taytum Goodman and senior Joshua Samaron had the opportunity to run at the State Cross Country Meet in Round Rock, Texas on November 5th. Joshua made it to state each of his high school years, which is very special to him. Taytum set a new record as a freshman, and broke her own record as a sophomore. The Wolverine community is extremely proud of their hard work and how great they represented the district.

Taytum broke her 11:18 two-mile time from last year, by 20 seconds. 

“It felt so good knowing that I broke my own record and my family coming up to me and congratulating me,” Taytum said. “Of course, I wanted to break my own record.” 

Her mom, as well as coach, Jeri Been Goodman, had hopes of breaking that record. 

“The ultimate goal was to try to break her record from last year,” Coach Been said. “We thought she could do it, but the course was really wet and muddy, so we thought it might slow her down a little bit.” 

The course, in fact, did not slow her down at all.  

“To me, the most surprising thing was when I was standing there and they announced her,” Coach Been said. “They announced that she had ran the fastest two-mile time in state history for UIL cross country, so that made it more special.” 

Taytum didn’t hear the announcement, but hearing it from her dad meant a lot to her. 

“When my dad said they just said it, I was so happy, especially since it was the fastest time in history,” Taytum said.  “I was so glad I broke my own record, but when I found out that it was the fastest time in history, I was super excited and ready to run again.”

Taytum’s sign at the send-off (Sarah Weldon) 

She does plan to run again, this coming weekend. 

“I will be running at the National Cross Country Meet, and I am super excited about it,” Taytum said. “It is three miles, but that’s OK; I am working hard to prepare for it.” 

Coach Been also thought it was an honor for Josh as he ran at state for the fourth and final time. 

“He made it on a team his freshman and sophomore year, and then on his own the past two years, and that says something about him,” Coach Been said. “I don’t think we’ve had anyone make it four years in a row.” 

To Joshua, it was a very sentimental race. 

“It was my last ever meet, which was so sad,” Josh said. Although it was my last high school race, I am so proud of myself for making it to state all four years, not many can say that had the opportunity to do that.” 

He also had a few traditions in place. 

“My freshman and sophomore year, we ate at a Japanese steak house, and that was always special,” Joshua said. “The past two years, we’ve been to the outlet mall and brought home lots of items.” 

He also enjoys going to In N’ Out Burger in Round Rock. 

“I love their burgers, especially the Double Double,” Josh said. “I even got a shirt this time, that’s how much I love that place.” 

Taytum also has her own traditions. 

 “We usually go to Smoothie King,” Taytum said. “Oh and the outlet mall.”

Pete Christy’s Facebook Post (Facebook)

Joshua noticed one specific thing after competing at state, that will stick with him forever. 

“I saw that Pete Christy posted me,” Josh said. “To me that is cool, because he took the time out of his day to post about me.”  

The support from family members, friends, and those from the community stood out to both Josh and Taytum. 

“It is a good feeling knowing you have some kind of support system,” Josh said. “I was grateful that the school sat in the auditorium to watch me run, that means a lot.” 

Taytum was also thankful that the high school gathered to watch her compete. She was also sent-off to state with a parade by the student body.

“When my mom told me the whole school was watching,” Taytum said. “That made me really happy.” 

She owes several thanks to her mom, dad, and brother for their continuous support. 

“Overall, the support from my family means a lot, especially from my mom,” Taytum said. “My brother is always there for me every race, and follows me everywhere on the course, and my dad too. It means so much to me that those people in my life do these things for me.” 

Region 1 was represented well at the State Cross Country Meet. Out of the top 27 girls, 10 were from region 1. 

“At the end when Taytum, and the 2nd and 3rd place runners were on the podium, the whole awards room started yelling ‘Region 1’,” Coach Been said. “I think that is a testament to how hard cross country is in our region.” 

At the state meet, everyone puts their pride aside and is proud of the other competitors.

“Everybody isn’t against anyone,” Coach Been said. “Everybody is yelling for everybody and supporting everyone, so that is really cool and makes it even more special.”