L.E.A.P.S Students of the 4th 6th Weeks


Taytum Goodman, Writer

For the 4th six weeks of the year, five new students were selected to represent each part of LEAPS. Eighth grader Tori Trevizo was selected to represent leadership, junior Isaiah Tovar for Education, Attitude was given to freshman Julian Alvarez, Abrie Escalante was elected for Pride, and Emma Stevenson was selected for Service.

Tori was picked for leadership and people described her by saying she steps up even when others do not, she does what she is asked, she has progressed in classroom skills and is an example to others, she is helpful, and she is willing to take part in all activities, plus willing to ask questions. 

“No matter what the outcome is Tori shows great capabilities of a well-liked leader,” Grace McIver said. 

Isaiah was chosen for education because he takes ownership in classes, puts in the effort, works hard to get ready for dual credit, and is making gains in his education. 

“Taking a hold of your own education is very important to your future,” McIver said.  

Julian received the attitude award because he is willing to ask questions to clarify meaning, has a good attitude towards his learning, always is smiling, and does good things without being asked. 

“Julian is always positive and everyday takes charge of getting and carrying the breakfast to his class in the morning,” Katrina Garica said. 

Abrie got the pride award for going above beyond to make sure class projects are done well, will bravely ask questions when things need clarification, encourages everyone, being positive, and setting a good example when traveling to other buildings for classes. 

Getting the pride award means that, that person is very prideful and deserving that being a wolverine is very prideful and takes a lot of pride,” Emma Stevenson said. 

Stevenson received the service award because she helps with a positive attitude, always willing to help friends, classmates, and teachers out helps out in the community, gives up her time to help students who may be struggling, and willing to take the first step in helping out. 

“I am so excited because the teachers elected me for service,” Stevenson said. It means a lot; it means my life goal of putting others before myself is getting lived.”