Baseball Teams Brings the Gold Glove Home


Sophomore Xayver Mosqueda pitches to a buff

Jenna Bridges, Writer

Saturday evening the Wolverines played their district championship game against the Petersburg Buffalos. After winning the district championship for several years in a row, the Wolverines finally brought home a gold glove to the school. Winning district champs meant a lot to the baseball team including sophomore Xavyer Mosqueda, senior Davey Crandall, and senior Joshua Samaron. 

The Wolverines had a great start to their game. With them being able to bat and hit like they know they could, the Wolverines were able to score the points they needed to to give them a 19-point lead. 

“The biggest thing we did good was definitely our hitting because whenever we started to fall behind, we’d have some really good innings where we would put some runs on the board and get some runners on base and that was crucial for the win,” Mosqueda said. 

Although the boys did good enough to win district champs this season, there’s always some things that can be worked on. 

“First and foremost, I think we did great as a team,” Crandall said. “There’s some stuff that we need to improve on especially in the field, but nothing a little practice won’t be able to fix.” 

As a senior, Samaron was very content with himself and his teammates. With a victorious score of 30-10, the Wolverines were able to accomplish what they have been working hard all season for. 

“Winning District Champs is the best feeling ever after not being able to win the title in about four or five years,”  Samaron said.

Watching the Wolverines play their last district game was a roller coaster of emotions for Melissa Alvarez, team member Alex Alvarez’s parent, but she’s proud of them. 

“It was all kinds of emotions, I was happy because we were winning. Then I was mad because we let them come up because we were making all kinds of mistakes,” Alvarez said. “It was a great game; I love to watch baseball.”