Hit, Run, Score!

Wolverines Beat Crosbyton in District Play.



Sophomore Slade Beerwinkle looks to get a hit

Annabelle Anchondo, Writer

The baseball team travelled to Crosbyton on April 8 to take on the Chiefs for the second time this season. After beating Crosbyton previously, the Wolverines hit another home run to win the game with a score of 13-11. Coaches, fans, and players are extremely impressed with their performance, and they will take on Crosbyton again tonight at 5.  

“We showed we can beat the #7 team in the state,” junior Alex Alvarez said, “and it doesn’t matter what you’re ranked, you’re gonna get a dog fight out of us.” 

Taking Crosbyton on again at their field, the Wolverines knew they could beat them once more. 

“We knew that Crosbyton was very beatable, and we still had the tools to win and play them to the best of our abilities,” sophomore Xavyer Mosqueda said. 

With confidence from pulling out a win the last time, they got their bats ready and stepped up to the plate. 

“You never go into a game thinking you’re going to lose,” Alvarez said. “We just kept our minds right and stayed focused throughout the day.” 

With this mentality on the field, the Wolverines were able to throw a curveball to the win over the Chiefs once more. 

“We stayed locked in and didn’t give up,” Alvarez said. “We stayed focused and ended up succeeding in the end.” 

Even though some minor mistakes were made throughout the game, the team knows that time and more practice will help them to further their accomplishments. 

“There were some areas that were a little sloppy and some errors were made, but there’s always room for improvement,” Mosqueda said. “We played good enough to pull out a win.” 

The team plans on focusing their attention on the areas that need working on in addition to strengthening the key characteristics that they feel contribute the most to a game. Overall, the team is impressed and proud of their performance. 

“My teammates did a great job of forgetting the mistakes they made and making their next play their best play,” Alvarez said. “I was proud of how we competed, and it makes the games even more exciting.” 

The Wolverines are excited to play in today’s ballgame against Crosbyton with hopes of hitting a home run to another win. 

“The second time beating Crosbyton was even sweeter than the first one,” parent Marlana Tanaro said. “I’m looking forward to seeing how we can beat them at their home place again tonight.”