First Hit of the Season


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Wolverines travel to Sundown for the season opener

Taytum Goodman, Writer

The Wolverine baseball team started their season last Saturday at Sundown, falling 18-8.  The Wolverines led in the first few innings, but Sundown jumped back in the game and pulled out the win. Today, the Shorty Barlow Classic tournament starts. The Wolverines play at 11:00 and 3:00. 

“It was good for our first game, but to us it was a practice game,” sophomore Xavyer Mosqueda said. 

The Wolverines used this game to see what they had, and what they need to improve on. 

“We tried to see who we have to pitch, what we have batting wise, see where we were at,” Mosqueda added. “This game was good for that.”

Other players spoke on what they thought the team needs to improve on. 

“We need to improve on our defense, but one thing I think I did good at was pitching,” sophomore Slade Beerwinkle said. 

Through the good and bad, the Wolverines right fielder also had positive words for the game. 

“I did alright this game, I agree that we do need to work on defense,” sophomore Gavin Gonzales said.  “We are in a tournament next and we will face Kress first on Thursday.” 

Spectator/parent Crystal Mosqueda talked about what she saw from the Wolverines game. 

“They did ok, it was the first time the whole team was together,” Mosqueda said. “It was also the first time that some of the kids even touched a baseball since last season.”

Looking forward to the rest of the season, Mosqueda is really excited. 

“I can see them getting better,” Mosqueda added. “So I can’t what for a great season.”