A Not So Happy Game


Dillon Jones

Emma Samaron driving through a crowd of Happy defenders towards the basket.

Emma Stevenson and Lynnsey Mahler

A flip-of-the-coin district basketball game took place last Friday between the Lady Wolverines and the Cowgirls in Happy, Texas. Despite the saddening loss, the Lady Wolverines were confident going into the game.

“We knew it was either going to be a close game, or we could pull out the win,” junior Taytum Goodman said.  

The game against the Happy Cowgirls served as a learning experience for the Lady Wolverines. Weaknesses were highlighted in last Friday’s game, and the girls are ready to improve.  

“We ended up not winning the game which was really disappointing,” Goodman said. “We just aren’t playing as a team as a whole.” 

The Lady Wolverines scored 19 points in the first half and lost the game with a score of 34-51. Goodman herself scored 6 points and had 6 assists along with junior Sydney Furr who had 3 points and 1 rebound. 

We struggled a little bit, but we’ll be fine next game if we just pick it up,” junior Emma Samaron said.  

Samaron scored 9 points, had 4 rebounds, and 2 assists. The girls’ main takeaway was that they were not working as a team which brought down the quality of their game.  

“Our defense wasn’t as good as it usually is, and that’s why they scored so much on us,” Samaron said.  

The team altogether had 4 steals throughout the game. Although the game was rocky, the girls improved in the fourth quarter once their heads were in the right place.  

“We improved defensively after figuring out what our problem was,” Samaron said. “Offensively, we moved around more, got open more, and started shooting more.” 

On offense, senior Halee Toscano stood out scoring three 3-pointers, banking 12 points total for the team, and having 2 assists and 5 rebounds. 

“I feel like if we would just come together as a team, we could end up winning our next district game,” Goodman said.  

The game served as a reminder for the girls to keep their heads in the game and stay focused on the task at hand. Overall, they are ready for their next battle on the court.  

“There were spurts of good and spurts of bad, but it lets me know where we stand and what we need to work on before we play them again,” Coach Jeri Been Goodman said. 

Junior Jasmine Garcia had one rebound, sophomore Aryca Ibarra scored 4 points for the team, and sophomore Rylie Furr gave 1 assist to the Lady Wolverines. 

“The end of the basketball season is coming soon so we’ll finally start kicking it in and get more serious,” Samaron said.  

The fighting Lady Wolverines play Hart at home tonight. Come out and show spirit on their journey to playoffs. 

“We play Hart today,” Goodman said. “This is a good game where we can try to improve on our mistakes to get back in the game, and hopefully, we can pull out the win against Kress, our rivals, next Tuesday.”