Showcasing Pride: Taytum Goodman


Sarah Weldon

Taytum Goodman finishing the race

Emma Stevenson, Writer

Springlake-Earth Highschool has made many changes this year. Arguably, the most important of these changes being the focus on LEAPS which stand for: Leadership, Education, Attitude, Pride, and Service. 

Every six weeks the student body nominates one person that represents one of the categories. From the first six weeks, junior Taytum Goodman was nominated for Pride.  

“I try to show pride in everything I do; I try to make the school and things I participate in outside of school better,” Goodman said. “Knowing that I was the person out of the whole high school that was chosen for the P, ‘pride’ tells me that people look up to me and that makes me feel good.” 

Pride is an important factor in life, and Taytum exhibits that factor the best. 

“Taytum is always doing anything that anybody asks her to do,” teacher Gwenn Parish said. “She is always willing and eager to serve any organization and is proud of the accomplishments she has made for her school.”  

Taytum demonstrates pride in everything she does and influences many students at SEHS to do the same. 

“Taytum shows her pride by competing her best and striving for success in everything she does,” senior Jenna Bridges said. “She inspires me and many others that look up to her not only as an athlete but as a student at SE.”

Because Taytum constantly displays pride in herself and her school she has become a role model to the people around her, because of these things she was nominated for the P in LEAPS. Without people like Taytum Goodman the school and the world would not be the same today.