Wolverine Spotlight: Annabelle Anchondo


Annabelle Anchondo

Senior Annabelle Anchondo

Emma Stevenson, Writer

Wolverines are strong, independent, driven, and extremely intelligent. Senior Annabelle Anchondo exhibits all of these characteristics.

“She has school spirit, she has a great attitude, she takes care of her education, and she provides service,” teacher Leslie Daugherty said. “She does it all.” 

Even though Annabelle was not born and raised in Springlake-Earth, she has made quite the home for herself here.  

“Having never been to a school before, it is kind of hard to get in with the other students sometimes at a small school,” teacher Marlana Tanaro said. “I know she had her rough patches, but she actually cared about being a Wolverine. She took pride in what she did and what she competed in.” 

Anna moved to Springlake-Earth her sophomore year, and since then, she has competed for almost every organization SE offers. Anna takes each event she participates in extremely serious.  

“She can’t stand to lose,” junior Xavyer Mosqueda said. “It bothers her.” 

Annabelle is an extremely driven individual, and she takes pride in every single thing she does, especially her academics.  

“Here at Springlake-Earth, I’m known for my academic achievements,” Anchondo said.   

Even though her title here is the “smart girl,” her academic achievements are being recognized far outside of Springlake-Earth.  

“My biggest achievement would have to be getting recognized by Ivy League schools,” Anchondo said. “Growing up, I always wanted to see if I could make a name for myself and get recognition from those schools. I’ve done that, and I couldn’t be prouder of myself.”  

Although it may sound as if education is Anna’s favorite part about Springlake-Earth, it is not. To Annabelle, the best part of Springlake-Earth is the people.  

“The people are my favorite part of anything having to do with SEHS,” Anchondo said. “You could come to school and be having the worst day, and by the end of the day, you will have had some laughs. The people here are going to make you say, ‘I had a good day.’” 

She knows that not only have the people made her time at Springlake-Earth memorable, but she understands that it was those very individuals who taught her how to be the best Wolverine she could be.

“No matter where you are at in life, don’t ever forget the ones who helped you get to where you are. Always be humble with what you have and always reflect on how you got there,” Anchondo said. “Everybody starts at the bottom. Everybody starts somewhere, and that somewhere is here at Springlake-Earth. So when you’re achieving the highest level of success you can get, always remember that those people helped you get to where you are and who guided and shaped you into the person you are today.”