Wolverine Spotlight: Rosie Hernandez

Emma Stevenson, Writer

A strong community rooted in a sense of service and empathy. A strong mascot with a fierce gaze and ferocious stance ready to overcome any challenge in its way and incapable of backing down. A strong student who is always open to those around her and ready to be of service. 

A true Wolverine and prized representative of her community is Rosie Hernandez who is a senior at Springlake-Earth I.S.D. She has been involved in several school activities during her five years in high school and continues to represent her colors with pride and dignity, touching the hearts of others while she goes.  

“I know for myself especially, Rosie is always there to brighten my day,” junior Lynnsey Mahler said. “She always tells me good luck, is ready to listen to the drama, and will make me smile any day.” 

Rosie tries to be her best self for everyone around her, including friends and teachers.  

“Rosie works really hard and always wants what she does to be the best,” teacher Cassi Furr said. “She never tries to half do anything.” 

Rosie always pushes her own limits while encouraging others around her to push theirs. 

“Rosie always helps students when they are struggling,” Furr said. “She is always there to lend a helping hand.”  

Rosie demonstrates how important her work is to her and tries to accomplish every task with precision and accuracy, like a true wolverine.  

“If you put work into everything that you do, in the end it will pay off,” Rosie said. “Even when it may seem hard or impossible, only you can decide how much time and effort to put into it to make yourself proud of how far you have come.”