Bringing Back Traditions


Kimberly Cruz

Bonfire Information

Kimberly Cruz, Writer

Senior Trace Goodman has been working hard to try and bring back the tradition of our bonfire, hoping to inspire the underclassmen to continue it also. The bonfire is being held on September 29 in Springlake behind Gas Card at 8:00. 

“I remember being in 3rd grade or 4th grade and showing up to the baseball park after school on a weekday and having fun with my friends,” Trace Goodman said. “Looking up to all the football players that rode in on the fire trucks and just wanting to be like them when I grew up.”

Therefore, Trace has taken matters into his own hands, but he does it for the feeling of being supported.

“I’ve kinda had to do it all by myself and put things together all by myself,” Trace said. “But school spirit is number one for the football players and I mean it just hypes us all up to see all the bunch of green and gold in the bleachers.” 

Jamie Goodman, Trace’s dad has helped out with getting the bonfire together. 

“I wanted to help with the bonfire because I understand that the tradition of the bonfire at Homecoming is an important event for alumni students from Springlake-Earth,” Jamie Goodman said. “The excitement from a Homecoming tradition is a special feeling that you only get to experience during your high school years.” 

Some of the underclassmen plan to keep this tradition going, including sophomore Gavin Gonzales.

“I do plan on continuing the tradition and hopefully everyone will start helping,” Gonzales said. “With the help of my mom who is an ex-alumnus of Springlake-Earth I think we can make it work” 

The students that have been helping are looking forward to seeing the community support their efforts to bring back a lost tradition. 

“Hopefully everybody shows up and shows us the support we need to continue working hard in football,” Gonzales said. “It will encourage us to continue the tradition for many years to come.”

The Goodmans and the others that have contributed to the bonfire are proud and excited for the future Homecoming years now that a bonfire has been brought back to everyone’s attention.

“I’m proud because he is trying to bring back a tradition that many people have experience being from Earth,” Goodman said. “It is exciting to see the growth of the bonfire and the kids working together to accomplish the task.”