New Trend: Devious Lick


Sam Alderson

Missing soap dispensers in boys bathroom

Taytum Goodman, Writer

Devious lick is a popular trend on Tik Tok.  It is influencing students around the world to steal and vandalize school property mainly in bathrooms.  It has not yet been a huge problem at our school, and hopefully it never will be.   

Devious licks should have never been invented; it might have became famous, but now it is just a major problem. 

Vandalism is against the law, but besides that, it is useless destruction of school property.  Our school does not have money just laying around to fix this problems.  The money to replace broken items is going to have to come from other funds that were originally budgeted for something else. Being such a small school we already do not have that much money.

Students should have pride and respect for our school.  When our school is on the news for this and the public sees it, it could have the consequences of kids getting unenrolled from our school.  As a school we have already gone down to six man football, so we can not afford to lose anymore students. Our school might not have the newest and the best facilities, but that doesn’t mean we need to deface it with useless pranks. 

Kids might think these acts of destruction are cute, but think of the people who will have to clean it up.  Not only will it take janitors and maintenance away from their everyday jobs, it may even cause our restrooms to close down so they can repair everything that is broken.  It could also make it where we can only use the restrooms at certain times. Students have the right to use the bathroom at school, so it’s our job not to abuse this privilege.

Devious licks might be funny now, but in the long run they will not be that funny.  When our school is having to use other funds to do these repairs, when our custodial staff is being taken away from there jobs to clean up your mess, and finally when your bathroom privileges are taken away.