SEHS Introduces New Choir Program


Sayler Beerwinkle

Choir students practicing in class. (Left to right: Gabi Garcia, Grace McIver, Reagan Ethridge, Aryca Ibarra, D.D. Delgado, and Jasmine Garcia) Not Pictured: Adamarie Hernandez and Marisela Rodriguez.

Sayler Beerwinkle, Editor

Choir is one of the newest editions to SEHS. It is a group of people who use their voices in one ensemble. Our choir program is made up of  junior Gabi Garcia, sophomores Dayanara Delgado, Jasmine Garcia, Grace McIver, and freshmen Reagan Ethridge, Aryca Ibarra, and Marisela Rodriguez. Mrs. Christy Barber is leading the new program. 

“I have eight amazing high school girls in choir this year,” Barber said. “It has been a joyful experience for us all.”  

Principal Cindy Furr knew Mrs. Barber had a vocal background after hearing her sing the National Anthem at a home basketball game last spring. 

“She felt like my gifts were being underutilized in only assisting Mr. Barber,” Barber said. “She asked me if I wanted to have a choir if we could work it into the schedule, of course my immediate response was ‘Yes that would be amazing!’.” 

Happiness was needed after a year of COVID taking the joy out of things. 

“Singing brings joy, literally,” Barber said. “It is scientifically proven that singing releases endorphins, which are called ‘happy hormones’.”  

Dayanara Delgado, also known as D.D., is a student in the program.  

“The class has been great,” Delgado said. “We have been practicing the basic notes in choir and singing some little songs.” 

There are competitions for choir, just like there are for band. 

“Choir students can audition for All-Region and All-State Choirs,” Barber said. “But the music is extremely hard, and not a challenge we are ready for just yet.” 

Choir has UIL Solo & Ensemble too, which they will participate in during February. 

“The goal is to be ready for competition and go later in the year,” Delgado said. “I am excited to go to a competition, but it seems scary to sing in front of people.” 

There is also UIL Concert & Sight-reading evaluation that takes place in April, but the choir is not big enough just yet. 

“So, choir has an equivalent competition/evaluation for almost everything that the band does,” Barber said. “Except marching, ‘thank goodness’.” 

Jasmine Garcia also adds her opinion on the choir class. 

“I didn’t think we would get to have this program,” Garcia said. “But we do now and its actually fun.”  

The students and Mrs. Barber are all excited for their new choir program, but there’s one aspect of the class Barber is most excited for. 

“I’m am most looking forward to helping the choir find their voice,” Barber said. “And using it to make wonderful music together.”