First Journalism Class at SEHS


Cassi Furr

Journalism students (left to right) Sayler Beerwinkle, Taytum Goodman, Jenna Bridges, Kimberly Cruz, and Annabelle Anchondo. Not pictured: Sam Alderson

Taytum Goodman, Writer

This year, the high school has added a new class called Journalism.  The Journalism class is responsible for running and publishing content for the school online newspaper, Spirit of the Green & Gold. This addition will provide information about our school events for the community and public to read. The class consists of editor senior Sayler Beerwinkle, and writers: senior Kimberly Cruz, senior Sam Alderson, junior Annabelle Anchondo, junior Jenna Bridges, and sophomore Taytum Goodman. 

“When I started as principal here, our writing was way low in all areas, even though it took a few years, our scores have started to go up in our EOC’s, classes, and UIL writing,” Prinicpal Cindy Furr said. “Now with Journalism, I believe this could help our UIL writers to the next step.”

Sayler Beerwinkle spoke about how she felt being the first editor of the Journalism class. 

“I feel very excited about this class, but also nervous at the same time.” Beerwinkle said. 

Kimberly Cruz, also shared her feelings toward publishing a school newspaper. 

“I’m curious to see how many people actually want and will read the school paper.” Cruz said. 

Principal Furr added how she thinks the students will be interested in reading the paper. 

“I think kids reading about themselves will help all the way around with school culture.” Furr said. 

Even though the Journalism class is going to be a new concept for some, the staff is willing to take it on. 

“I’m ready to see our website finally start to come together and fill up,” Bridges said. 

Not only is this class good for improving our writing, it also allows students to decide if they want to pursue a career in Journalism. 

“I do see myself doing something like this in the future,” Beerwinkle said. “We’ll see as the year goes on if I start to change my mind but as of right now I really do wanna do something related to this.” 

This year is the first year for Journalism and for a school newspaper, but hopefully not the last. 

“We have to fill all our core classes first,” Principal Furr said. “But my desire is it can be something that is built on each year and becomes a staple where we can not get rid of that; that is what I hope.”