Tearing the Barn Down at Earth Livestock Show!

Rosie Hernandez, Writer

Springlake-Earth FFA had a livestock show at Earth’s show barn on Thursday, January 26. There were a total of 26 students who showed their animals in hopes of receiving critiques and preparing themselves for any upcoming shows they intend to travel to. Each member of the FFA has put hard work into their animals and was proud of their performance.

“I showed lambs and goats which was a little harder this year since we had a lot more animals than usual,” sophomore Braileigh Goe said. “But overall, it went great! I got Grand and Reserve Lamb.”

Everyone had a great outcome this year. For senior Halee Toscano, this will be her last year showing.

“I had a great outcome with my Hamp. This year, I’m showing three pigs and one goat,” Toscano said. “He placed 2nd, and I got Grand Champion with him. For this being my last year, I would have to say it was a great experience.”

Halee getting grand champion( picture taken by Cassandra Toscano)

Being a part of FFA takes dedication and many responsibilities, which have built up over the years for many of the Springlake-Earth showers.

“I’ve been showing pigs since I was in 3rd grade, so I have more of an idea of how to do things and enjoy doing it with my friends,” freshman Jessica Mendoza. “But it does take time and effort to care for your animals before school and after.”

FFA is more than just showing; it’s about helping others when needed, something that initially caught the intentions of prospective showers.

“Lynnsey Mahler is always willing to help me when needed. I joined FFA because it caught my attention when getting ready for the show,” freshman Khloe Marez said.

Many members of FFA are showing new animals, increasing the love they have for agriculture and carrying on family traditions.

“It’s my first time ever showing a goat,” Toscano said. “I like showing because of the love I have for animals, but also because my family has been in the stock show business for 23 years.”

For the parents, it’s a proud and exciting moment to see the hard work of their kids finally pay off.

“I’m proud of every student that showed just by seeing how much work and effort they put into place. They put so much work into their animal and seeing them do what they love makes it more fun,” parent Kayla Goe said.