New Year, New Me


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Happy New Year.

Grace McIver, Writer

To a new beginning, changing everything, and being a better person. Cheers! The New Year brings an opportunity to change either the mind or the body. Some take New Year’s resolutions very seriously. Almost 40% of adults make these resolutions, but after every month the success rate of them goes down. These goals are very important to the motivation of the new year coming. The chance to change. Being able to have a fresh start.  

“Every new year people get the opportunity to start off with a clean slate and try to be better than they were before,” junior Bella Gonzales said.  

It is important to have change so people don’t stay the same. There is always room for improvement. Improving intelligence and physique is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions.  


“Change for yourself not because of others and their idea of how you supposed to be,” Aryca Ibarra said.
People have a whole year to try and be better in some way. That same year can cause people to give up on their resolutions. Every month there is less and less chance of being successful in the goals they have.  

“Reasonable ones (resolutions) can be healthy, but unreasonable ones do set people up for disappointment, failure, and loss of self-confidence,” Gwen Parish said. “Making resolutions is something most people do, but setting real, attainable goals is much harder, and most people don’t actually do this.”  

Reasonable goals are something that is hard to come by because so many people jump at the chance to put a huge goal in front of them without taking baby steps to be able to get there.  

“Taking time to accomplish what you believe in is very important because time is healing,” Ibarra said.  

People could go above and beyond in their goals, but the chances of that happening is slim because of how much pressure and constraint they put on themselves. There are people that create resolutions just because others have them.  

“I believe most resolutions are just trends. People will forget or stop trying on their resolutions. Every year people say the same things but never really make it to the end of the year,” Gonzales said.  

Perseverance is important to keep resolutions going it takes time and control over what people do in their lives. Successes cannot be achieved if the past is the only thing in the future.  

“People don’t have much, if any, control over how this year will go. We only have control over our responses to events and challenges,” Parish said. “Fortunately, we can’t see the future because that would ruin the present since we would be anticipating or dreading future events too much to enjoy the “now.” I hope to see people embracing and enjoying where they are, choosing good responses to difficult events, and making plans to improve their futures.”