Spectacular Performance by Theater Dinner Show Students


Bonnie Stevenson

Narrators 1 and 2 at the one-act play dinner

Grace McIver, Writer

The theater students had a spectacular performance on October 22nd at the annual dinner theatre. The students prepared their dinner performance for all who watched.  When a person got there, they went to the cafeteria to be served by the students in character. Some were nice and some not so much.  

“The food was wonderful. I got served by Ingrid Macias, the Enchantress, her character has a mean attitude. she plopped my plate on the table and it splashed me with beans,” freshman Lexi Anchondo said.

There were many parts of the play that were hilarious and were performed with great enthusiasm. The practice they put in really showed throughout the play.  

“I think my favorite was the 2 dwarves. Their parts were really funny and delivered very well. I might be a little biased but I’m a mom!! But it was all very good and extremely funny. I wish they could perform it again!!!!,” parent Melissa Alvarez said. “Up until the very day I had heard several cast members talk about it and they seemed kind of worried that it wouldn’t go off as well as they would like, but my family and I thought they did fantastic.” 

One of the most important things in theatre is the one act in the spring. The point of a dinner theater is to raise money and help kids get a feel for what might happen at one act.  

“Contest is so different than dinner theater.  If you mess up at dinner theater, you can put your own little twist to it.  I think dinner theater will help them realize how important it is to learn lines. I am proud of all of them for different reasons.  I can’t pick just one,” teacher and assistant director Marlana Tanaro said.  

There are many different things the students have to learn to be able to put on a great show.  

“My big take away from this performance, however, was being so impressed at how each of the kids was able to really take on the personality of their character,” elementary teacher Tami Herriage said.  

They students have worked so hard to put in the work in order to make sure the audience has a great time.  

“One of best things is to watch them and see how much improvement they have done. I will be very impressed if they can grow more with the spring theatre show,” 8th grader Riley Ball said.  

Watching the dinner show is something that brings joy to those who go. This show included many funny scenes and showcased many different actors. 

“I think they have the capability to do great things at contest. There are several returning actors that have been great with some new ones that did well. If the leadership utilizes everyone correctly, I see big things for the group,” parent Michel Mosqueda.