The Band Goes to a UIL Competition


Tamequah Mahler

Drum Majors doing their salut.

Lizzy Garcia, Writer

The marching band went to compete at a UIL competition at Lowery Field in Lubbock. The band did fantastic, and the Herreras are so proud of the band for competing like they did. The band met the Herrera’s expectations and came back to school with a trophy in their hands with straight ones. Judging a band competition is a bit different if a band gets fours that means the band needs to improve a lot, but if that band gets ones that means they did the best and might have few things to work on. 

“I thought the band performance was really well on Saturday. I could really see the growth from the beginning of the year and I could see each of the things we worked on this year.” Assistant band director Katie Herrera said. “It’s always fun to see where they start and end a season. Lots of musical victories for the band the sound was locked in together it sounded really, really good.” 

The drum major senior Alex Alvarez even had a few things to say about the band and how they felt about the performance that they did, as well as the journey to the performance. 

“I felt like we did well when I’m up on the stand. I can tell who is out of line, out of step, who doesn’t end where they need to, and I didn’t see that a lot,” Alvarez said. “This band is known a lot for their effort, but they like to kick it in at the very last second and it makes everyone nervous, especially the band directors and myself.” 

It took weeks of work to prepare for contest. The kids in the band had practice every Monday and Tuesday from 6 to 9. 

“I feel like we should have started earlier, so that way we wouldn’t be rushing the visuals.” Freshmen Khloe Marez said. “We could have more time to practice our marching like getting people in step.” 

The efforts of practice were tiring, but the kids knew that all their challenging work and efforts would pay off. 

“I like going to every single band practice. I don’t like skipping one or missing one, but when I do miss one, I know that I will have to make it up,” 8th grader Kaitlyn Sam said. “To me it is worth it because I feel like we get better after every band practice, and this is why we have ones now because we practiced.” 

At the start students were nervous and worried about how they would do in this competition. 

“I had like a rush it reminded me of last year,” Marez said. “When it was the final straw whether, we make it to state or not, it’s just like last year I will be fine.” 

The band didn’t let their fears take them and kept pushing through them so they could march and give an impressive performance especially Senior Melany Vidales, since it was her last competition. 

“I’m going to miss it because band has taught me so much,” Vidales said. “It’s taught me teamwork, friendship, everything. It taught me a lot. It’s hard now to let it go.” 

The performance that the band gave was amazing, and the Wolverine community couldn’t be prouder of their band.  

“I’ve never had a doubt that we wouldn’t get ones.” Alverez said. “I thought that was one of the cleanest run throughs of the year.”