Come Watch The Theatre’s Spectacular Dinner Show


Grace McIver

The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon with all the students names.

Grace McIver, Writer

The Wolverines will be showcasing their hard work that they have put in the last few weeks when they perform their fall dinner show this Saturday. The high school theatre class will be performing The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon for the any and all who would like to come and enjoy a meal with an entertaining show afterwards. Tickets are on sale until 5:00 pm today.  

“I don’t want people to come to the play and think ‘Wow I spent money on this and it wasn’t even that good,’ so I want to make sure that everyone has a great time and enjoys the show,” senior Alex Alvarez said.  

Besides learning their lines, character, and the scenes throughout the play, students have also made their own set pieces and put in the necessary work to make the show great.

“It takes an enormous amount of effort from everyone to make a show happen. These students have put in hours in theatre class, during tutorials, and after school to make this event happen,” director Cassi Furr said.  

The students have worked very hard to become the actors they are now. Many have shown growth in different areas. Some students are proud of others; some are very proud of themselves.  

“I am proud of myself because I feel like I am becoming less shy and more confident in my personality. The play has helped me develop into a better person,” freshman Pops Fuentes said.  

Confidence is one of the most important things when putting on a show in front of people.           

“I am very confident that the show will be a success. We have been putting in the work these past weeks,” junior Emma Stevenson said. “We will do final a run through and make sure everyone is comfortable in their role this coming Saturday before everyone shows up.”

Having a final run-through of all the lines will make sure the students are prepared enough to put on an amazing show for everyone. The play will cause some laughs and will make sure people have some fun.  

“I would like to see them have fun, have their lines memorized, and have a few laughs,” parent Tanya Stevenson said. “I’m really excited to see it. There will be great food and many other things.”

 Learning lines and making props are a few of the things people are having to learn. The students are starting to learn how to manage their time and being prepared enough to have fun.  

“For the freshmen, it is really important because we have not acted before,” freshman Hannah Alvarez said. “It is a lot of new information to learn. It is a new setting because of the practice it will give us.”

The preparation of the play is one of the most important things, but what it can do is help prepare for the play they are going to do in the spring.  

“It’s a comedy that will be enjoyed by most, but be prepared for some twist,” junior Emma Samaron said.

Besides regular show work, a couple students were asked to participate in a special project to prepare for the upcoming event.

“One thing I loved this year was getting to make the trailer for our play with Emma,” junior Lynnsey Mahler said. “Emma and I ran all over campus making a ton of little videos hoping to get people excited to come out & watch the show.”

The trailer can be viewed here.

The students have practiced and put in the work to make sure that this will go well. A few students have bigger confidence levels than others as well.

“My greatest pain in life is I will never see myself preform live,” Xavyer Mosqueda said, referencing a comment made by Kanye West. “This show is going to be great. I’m very excited.”
Video created by Mrs. Furr, featuring Lynnsey Mahler & Emma Stevenson