Educators: They Shape Our Future



The monthly salary of a teacher in Texas.

Grace McIver, Writer

Educators shape the future of the world. People depend on educators to teach the new generations to be better people, have smart decision-making skills, and have common ideas of how basic job would look like. Should educators be paid more or are they compensated enough? 

The answer to this question is educators should without a doubt be paid more.

Educators’ contributions often go unnoticed. Some teachers spend hundreds of dollars a month. They buy decorations, snacks, water bottles, games, and other things to help them with the learning process. Most teachers are only paid for about half of the time they spend at school. They stay after school for an hour or more, making lesson plans or helping other students with homework. Out of fifty students and teachers surveyed, they all said teachers are not paid enough. Students learn so much from people that do not get paid enough for what they do.  

These people have houses, families, and food they need to get. The average monthly pay for Texas teachers is $4,000. That is slim compared to school janitors who are paid the same or more. Teachers have degrees but the amount they get paid is not equivalent.  

Most educators feel like they are underpaid. They feel like they do not get the amount of money that equals the amount of time spent on lesson plans. People take for granted the amount of work teachers put into tutoring these students. 

One of the most important things is a person’s education. If teachers are not paid enough, are students really getting the best education they need? Talk to local educators and support them in their fight for better compensation.