Opportunity for Students to Worship Together

Annual See You at the Pole Event Happening Next Week


Annabelle Anchondo

The flag pole in front of the school.

Rosie Hernandez, Writer

To show love and appreciation for the lord, a group of high school students long ago put together an event, known as See You at the Pole, where the whole community comes and prays for about 30 minutes. Individuals pray over administration, teachers, classmates and everyone’s life who has been touched by the school. This year, See You at the Pole will happen September 28 at 7:15 at Springlake-Earth ISD. 

“For me, See You at the Pole is a wonderful chance for students following God to meet and worship. It reminds us that the Lord should be in all aspects of our life,” junior Lynnsey Mahler said. “Anyone is invited to come, and everyone is welcome.”

They will meet at the flag pole by the high school to have a small devotional and close in prayer. Afterward, there will be donuts. In addition to Mahler, junior Grace McIver organized this year’s event.

“I enjoy planning. I am not a public speaker, but I like to have a role in something I like,” Mciver said. “It’s a way for the community to have a chance to worship together and build a bond through Christ.” 

Mahler and Mciver are in charge of See You at the Pole this year. They were designated by Elem/JH principal, Bub McIver. More students will be involved soon once things get going. 

“Lynnsey and Grace were chosen because they are both in youth group that goes on Wednesday,” B, McIver said. “My goal for every 4th through 12th grade student is show up to sing, worship, and pray together as brothers and sisters in Christ.”

See You at the Pole helps to grow the community together and work through things with Christ. Many people come together that day to pray for the whole school and continuation of a great year.  

“It is not just a one-person job; it is a fun and eye-opening thing to be a part of. I have learned so much about other people because of this,” G. McIver said. “I hope whoever continues this has as much fun as I am.”