We’ve Got Spirt, Yes We Do!


Lizzy Garcia

A sign that was a part of the 8th grade’s decorations.

Lizzy Garcia, Writer

Last week, students got to decorate either around town or at the school. Every student chipped in to help their grade make the decorations that they would use in their designated area. In addition to this, students also showed their school spirit by making spirit boards that are now hanging on the telephone poles leading up to the school.

The 8th graders got to decorate the front of the school. All of them worked very hard and even made their own posters.

“It was fun,” 8th grader Ennah Mosqueda said. “I was glad to be a part of it” 

While the 8th grade was working hard, the freshmen went on a short road trip as they decorated the road that leads up to the school.

The freshmen decorating the road signs leading to the school. (Lizzy Garcia)

“I feel like it went very good, and we got to skip two classes,” freshman Aabriella Villanueva said. “I wish we were more prepared, but it was a great bonding experience overall.” 

Having a blast around the field, the sophomores decorated the ticket booth, stands, and concession stand. 

“Honestly, it was pretty fun,” sophomore Ingrid Macias said. “It didn’t go as planned, but it still came out pretty good.”  

The juniors were assigned to decorate the hall leading into the gym. They went all out and created a very spirited space.

The hallway that the juniors decorated leading into the gym. (Lizzy Garcia)

“I feel like it went very well,” junior Grace McIver said. 

While everyone stayed around the school, the seniors went to town to show off the green and gold they take pride in. 

“I had a lot of fun hanging out with my friends,” senior Melany Vidales said. “I was skeptical about it, but I really love the way it turned out. I wouldn’t change a thing.”