STUCO Making A Change


Sarah Weldon

STUCO members standing together for a organization picture. Not featured above are Annabelle Anchondo, Xavyer Mosqueda, Kani Holmes, Violeta Flores, Jenna Bridges, Halee Toscano, Gabi Garcia, Sydney Furr, and Jasmine Garcia.

Rosie Hernandez, Writer

“Each one of us can make a difference; STUCO together, we make change,” Barabara Mikulski said.

Just as the school year has started, plans have been made for the upcoming year as many events are coming up. They have been working hard to accomplish those plans and for everyone to enjoy them.  

“Becoming in charge of STUCO, I was very excited but nervous at the same time because I did not want to mess up important events that mean a lot to the school and community,” STUCO sponsor Elizabeth Roman said 

STUCO stands for Student Council. Becoming part of STUCO means being involved in every project and helping out when needed. It also means becoming a role model for younger classmates. 

“STUCO has made an impact on me by teaching me how to be part of a team,” senior Melany Vidales said. “I wasn’t just working. Besides my friends, it was all different types of people; I learned how to work with people I did not know at all.”

Each year, STUCO decorates the high school gym, and each year, it has a different theme. One may never know what to expect. Every theme is unique, and the whole community comes out to see the members on the court representing their grade. 

“Once I became in charge of STUCO, I started having ideas for many projects that we could do throughout the year, like homecoming, Teacher Appreciation Day, and many more,” Roman said.

STUCO is not just about getting to hang out with friends, but Roman wants students to learn leadership and responsibility.

“Every year, my favorite project is Homecoming. I’ve always liked planning things and throwing out ideas for anyone to expand on, the decorations especially because we get to be creative,” senior Abrie Escalante said.

STUCO has a total of 33 members. Freshman Natalie Rosalez is one of the new members.

“I’m excited to be a part of STUCO, so I can help decorate and plan,” Rosalez said. “Not only that, but to learn leadership and to be more responsible.” 

STUCO may be known for decorating and planning, but it also teaches a valuable lesson of responsibility and leadership .

“I joined STUCO to help and to be able to be with my friends as we work together,” sophomore Violeta Martinez said. “I like decorating for homecoming because we all work together to create a vision that everyone can see and enjoy at the pep rally. I also like getting to see my friends walk on the court.”

Everyone from 8th grade to seniors are able to join. Throughout each year, new members join. They are able to participate in projects and help contribute new ideas for the upcoming year. 

“I’m definitely excited with how many new people joined this year, including myself. I really feel like STUCO is going to do great things this year!” senior Gabi Garcia said. “STUCO is a great organization at our school; they do so much, not just for students, but for the community as a whole.”