Back At It Again!


Cassi Furr

Senior Halee Toscano and junior Sydney Furr running at cross country practice.

Annabelle Anchondo, Editor

Gearing up for the upcoming school year, the Wolverines have been working hard to prepare for football, cross country, and band. Since the beginning of this month, students have been attending practice to get ready for the start of school and upcoming games, meets, and competitions. The Wolverine Nation is very optimistic about the year to come.

“I feel like we are gonna do good this upcoming season,” freshman Josh Tovar said. “I am hopeful that this season will go far. I truly believe in myself and the team I’m glad to be a part of.”

Like the football team, the girls’ cross country team has been working hard during two-a-days to prepare for upcoming meets.

“I have a good feeling we’re gonna be a great team this year,” junior Emma Samaron said. “We’ve been working hard in our workouts, and I’m proud of how much effort our team is putting in this year.”

Brain Mahler

Prior to practice at the beginning of August, students were finding ways throughout the summer to stay on top of their extracurriculars and make the transition into the new year a lot easier.

“A few people, including myself, on the team have ran quite a bit and kept a decent diet to get ready for the season,” Samaron said. “I’m hoping to do my part in the team by improving my times and keep everyone else motivated.”

Students, coaches, and band directors are looking to accomplish as much as they can this year, and many are working hard with state in mind.

“I’m hoping that we can make it to state this year,” Tovar said. “Like I said, I fully believe in my team, and hopefully we can accomplish what I know we are fully capable of doing.”

To aid the end goal of state and competing to the best of their abilities, SEHS has welcomed the new year ahead with many great additions. This year, the Wolverines are excited and grateful to welcome Coach Ortiz, Coach Ball, Coach Sinter, and Mr. and Mrs. Herrera as they prepare for another year of achievement and success.

“I’m really excited for this new year! As a member of the band for the past four years, I’m definitely excited to welcome the Herreras to our program!” senior Gabi Garcia said.

Annabelle Anchondo

The Wolverines are looking to carry on past traditions of achievement while making the transition of newcomers as smooth as possible. As a parent and band booster himself, Michael Mosqueda is hopeful in both aspects.

“We had really good band directors in the Barbers that carried on the winning tradition that the Rogers started,” Mosqueda said. “The Herreras seem to be the right people to carry on this tradition.”

With such great people joining and becoming a part of the Wolverine nation along with the hard work and dedication already being demonstrated throughout the student body, a great year in football, cross country, and band is to be expected.

“We’re gonna have a great year, and I’m sure all teams are going to do absolutely amazing!” Garcia said. “Let’s go Wolverines!”