SEHS Students Take The Day Off


Annabelle Anchondo, Writer

After a very successful year in UIL academics, 32 students who participated in UIL events were recognized for all of their time, dedication, and hard work. These students travelled to Lubbock on Monday morning to have a fun-filled day at Main Event and treat themselves to some Bahama Bucks afterwards.  

“It was fun to celebrate all of the students’ academic success and recognize those who truly deserve being celebrated,” teacher Marlana Tanaro said.  

For the students, the recognition for their hard work this year meant the world. 

“Being recognized for my hard work means that it was worth all of the study and reading books for my events and having lunch meetings with my group to have a chance to place,” junior Rosie Hernandez said. 

Students had fun playing laser tag, mini golf, bowling, and various arcade games. For sophomore Emma Stevenson, the best part of the day was getting to challenge Mrs. Furr and Mrs. Tanaro to some laser tag and mini golf. 

“We went and played laser tag with Mrs. Furr and Mrs. Tanaro, and that was fun. I got second in laser tag. I was goated, but we aren’t going to talk about Mrs. Furr,” Stevenson said. “In mini golf, the roles reversed. Mrs. Tanaro beat all of us. She got the par on every little thing. It was so frustrating; she was so goated.” 

Due to several other schools being at Main Event, there were less opportunities to play arcade games, laser tag, and mini golf, but students still found ways to laugh and share the day with their favorite peers.  

“More middle schoolers showed up. They would surround you and beg for money like the seagulls from Nemo “you got money? You got money? You got money?” It traumatized me,” Stevenson said. “But it was all okay after Mrs. Furr bought us Bahamas bucks. I was very thankful.” 

It was a very relaxing day to just spend time with each other and celebrate the many accomplishments gained this school year, something several students are very grateful for. 

“The trip was fun; I was able to hang out with my friends and just enjoy the day off,” Hernandez said.