Theatre Awards

Theatre Awards

Sayler Beerwinkle, Editor

The Theatre Banquet was on Monday May 9th in the Auditorium. A few were presented with awards but everyone was recognized for their hard work throughout the season.


The Technical Star Award   was given to someone who has done excellent tech work this year: Lynnsey Mahler 

The Rising Star Award was given to an underclassmen (freshmen or sophomore) who hasn’t really performed before, but really put on a great show this year: Xavyer Mosqueda

The Burning Star Award was awarded to someone who was on “fire” and just wowed Mrs. Furr with their work throughout the year: Joshua Samaron

The Shining Star Award  is like the MVP of sports. This one was given to someone who has been a real star this year, both on and off the stage: Katy Jones