Theatre Banquet, but with a Twist


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SEHS Theatre Banquet

Sayler Beerwinkle, Editor

The theatre program is starting a new tradition: Curtain Call! A curtain call is when all of the cast members come onto stage and bow after the completion of the play. However, SEHS theatre curtain call will be a little different. This is considered the theatre banquet, but the theatre members will present skits that they wrote and directed, as well. It takes place on Monday night at 6:30 in the auditorium. 

“All of our other shows that we do throughout the year, I really run the show,” theatre teacher Cassi Furr said. “This one is where the kids are running the show. I split my class into three groups, and I picked a director for each group.” 

Each group wrote their own play and the specific director is in-charge, just like Mrs. Furr was throughout the year.  

“They are picking the costuming, the blocking, and the sound,” Furr said. “The skits are about ten minutes each.” 

The skits will happen first, then Mrs. Furr will give awards. 

“I made up some awards, there are four awards,” Furr said. “Then we will recognize our seniors.” 

Senior Joshua Samaron is a first-time member of the OAP.

“My role is just following my director, Lynnsey,” Samaron said. “She’s been in one act longer than me.”

Sophomore Lynnsey Mahler has a little more experience than Samaron and is a direct of a skit.

“I had to write the skit, design the set and costumes and then direct the skit itself,” Mahler said. “I also play a part in our play.”

The OAP had a successful year, and the Curtain Call is a way to recognize their hard work.

“It is free so everyone should come and watch,” Furr said. “This is our final bow.”