Choir Competes at First Competition

Bella Voce Choir at first competition

Christy Barber, director

Bella Voce Choir at first competition

Jenna Bridges, Writer

 Choir is a new extracurricular this year at SEHS. The group is called the Bella Voce Choir, which means beautiful voice in Italian. This is the first year that they have had it. Mrs. Barber is the director of the choir.  

Principal Cindy Furr is impressed with how the new group adds to the school.

“They are an amazing group of girls who do amazing work,” Mrs. Furr said. “Introducing a new extracurricular to the school was a wonderful idea.” 

On Saturday, February 5, they attended their first competition in Plainview. Junior Gabi Garcia is a part of the choir group and just like the rest of the participants she is new to singing, so she has things to improve on. 

“We got all twos and there’s definitely a lot I could improve on, specifically my breath support, my technique and my diction,” Garcia said. 

Garcia has fun doing choir with Mrs. Barber, and she thinks it will be a good thing for her. 

“I so enjoy singing with Mrs. Barber, she makes things fun and also has a lot of experience,” Garcia said. “While a lot of stuff we do is really fun, it also helps us in the long run.”  

Freshman Marisela Rodriguez, is also a part of the Bella Voce Choir group. She is proud of how the competition went and also enjoys being involved in choir. 

“I’d say we did pretty good for our first time,” Rodriguez said. “At first I didn’t really like it, it just started being fun, and I slowly started to enjoy it.”