Bringing The Show To S-E!



Slade Beerwinkle and his Grand Champion steer, Boosie.

Annabelle Anchondo, Writer

The Earth-Springlake Junior Livestock Show took place on January 28th, at 2:00 in the afternoon. The show was followed by the sale on Saturday the 30th. There were a total of 31 exhibitors who participated in this stock show. On sale day, community members and businesses filled the barn, ready to give money to these exhibitors for their future projects. Several of these FFA members will head to San Angelo, San Antonio, and Houston in the next couple of months to present their animals to a different judge for a different critque.

Compared to previous years, there was more participation this year and more animals to show.  

We had a lot more sheep and goat exhibitors,” senior Davey Crandall said. “Not as many pigs, which was kind of a bummer, but we had about the same amount of cattle.” 

Senior Katy Jones talks to the judge (Bills)

The Champion Heifer was shown by senior Sayler Beerwinkle and senior Katy Jones took the Reserve buckle. On the steer side, sophomore Slade Beerwinkle was the champion and Sayler was picked as reserve. Sayler was also chosen as the champion showman.

“It’s been an honor showing at the Earth show,” Beerwinkle said. “Slade and I have been very successful at this show for the past about seven years, and now it is the twins turn to keep it going.”

Parent, Matt Clayton, agrees on the higher numbers and also believes SE students to be much more involved in the stock show this year.  

“There was much more participation,” Clayton said. “The kids are much more involved, and the numbers are up this year which is a good thing.” 

In the lamb show, there were five showman, and three classes. Eighth-grader Reiner Goe presented the champion lamb and his older freshman sister, Braileigh Goe snagged reserve champion. Braileigh also was given the showmanship award.

The judge feels Hannah Alvarez’s goat (Bills)

“Showmanship is a special award, to me atleast,” Beerwinkle said. “I was lucky enough to be picked for the beef showmanship, but I thought Slade kind of deserved it more than I did.”

Not only were the numbers high, but the hard work dedicated by each exhibitor was very evident in the arena, and everyone did an outstanding job.

“Everyone worked hard with their animals, and you could tell that they put the time and effort in,” Crandall said. “They got to come out and show off the spoils of the labor, so it was good. Good to see all the kids, how hard they were working, everything.” 

The goat division was the biggest. Since this species had the most numbers, the weights were split into divisions. The lightweight division winners were Reiner as champion and sophomore Taytum Goodman for reserve. Then for the heavier weighing goats, Braileigh won champion honors and sophomore Emma Stevenson earned reserve honors.

“It was my first year showing goats and I have really enjoyed it, and I got showmanship which was really special,” Goodman said. “My goats names are Star, Blondie, and Baby Doll. Star was the goat that I got reserve division with.”

Emma Stevenson was also very pleased with everyone’s performance at the show. 

A class of Lambs (Bills)

“Overall, everyone did great and there was lots of hard work going on,” Stevenson said. 

For the barrow show, all exhibitors presented their animals at the best of their abilities. Fourth-grader Easton Bradley exhibited the champion dark cross barrow and junior Halee Toscano took the reserve champion plaque. In the next breed, the Duroc breed, there were three exhibitors. Senior Trace Goodman placed first in the class then went on to win the breed. Eighth-grader Jessica Mendoza was placed as second in the class and then reserve champion. Trace was the barrow showmanship winner, as well.

“I was proud of Trace, like I always am,” Goodman said. “He works very hard with his pigs and can always get them shown, which not many are capable of.”

In the Hampshire breed drive, there were five showmen. Freshman Grace Henson was the champion and sophomore Kysen Hall was reserve. Moving into the OPB breed, freshman Kinze Henson exhibited the breed champion and Bryleigh Hall fell in the reserve spot. Lastly, in the White Cross breed, there were a total of four pigs. Kinze was the designated champion in this breed also, and Bryan Longoria took reserve. The Henson sisters two-holed the barrow show as well.

“Katy and I sat through the whole pig show and she placed the whole thing correctly,” Beerwinkle said. “It was good practice for livestock judging that we are about to start doing.”

The Henson twins receive Champion and Reserve Barrow Honors (Bills)

Other participants in the show included Saige and Sloane Beerwinkle, Alix Campos, Bridget and Khloe Marez, Moser McIver, Lynnsey Mahler, Myla Mosqueda, Jenna Stevenson, Hannah Alvarez, Katie and Cooper Clayton, Dylan Longoria, and Ethan and Ennah Mosqueda. 

“I am proud of the new exhibitors, the old exhibitors and the work they put into this show,” Beerwinkle said. “I hope that everyone is successful at the major shows that are in the next few months.”

With as much success as everyone had at the Earth Stock Show, going into next year, there is only one thing that SE showman must do. 

“Advocate. We need more numbers in our shows, so talk and get the word out there,” Crandall said. “And just spend as much time with your animals as possible.”