Elementary/Junior High UIL


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Elementary UIL Totals

Taytum Goodman, Writer

The Elementary/Jr. High students participated in Academic UIL, which was held on the S-E campus on Thursday, November 18. The speaking events took place on Wednesday, November 17 in Amherst, and writing competitions were completed on October 28. These contests took numerous amounts of time and hard work, and these students started working in early September. UIL also allows students to try new things and see if it is something they enjoy and want to try again the next year. 

“I am beyond excited that they have found something that they can excel in and do well in,” 4th grade teacher Elisa Crum said.  “I hope this is something they can carry with them for the rest of their lives whether they speak in public, in high school, or in the future when they graduate.” 

The Elementary ended the day with 1012.17 points and the Jr High with 1310. Reiner Goe is a 8th grader that participated in UIL who helped out the Jr High with their points. 

“I did listening and spelling and got 1st in both of them,” Reiner said. 

The Principal of the Elementary and Jr High spoke about how he felt about the wins. 

“It was very exciting; kids and teachers work hard, and I am extremally proud of them,” Bub McIver said. 

The work that goes into UIL Academics does not only come from the kids, the teachers put in a lot of work and time to prepare the students. 

“I coached 4th and 5th grade ready writing, oral reading and 5th and 6th modern oratory,” Mrs. Crum said. 

After all the stress preparing for UIL Academics, teachers can say they do have favorite things about UIL. 

“I love helping the kids grow in their confidence, being able to speak in front of others, watching them become excited and confident in their speaking skills, and in

Junior High Totals (WEB Powerpoint)

their speech writing skills,” Mrs. Crum said. “I love going to the competitions; I am very competitive.  I love the kids’ faces when they place or make the finals.  I enjoy the time I get to have with the kids helping them and doing something perhaps they have never done before.” 

They will be rewarded with a trip, after sweeping the district UIL contest.

“We are planning on going to the WT indoor swimming facility on December 10th,” McIver said. “Spending the day there swimming.”