Band Receives a $10,000 Donation


SE Band Receiving the donation check.

Sayler Beerwinkle, Editor

The head of the Cargill Sweet Bran Trucking Company made a generous donation to the Wolverine Band in honor of Macey Foley. She passed away in 2016. She loved the Sweet Bran trucks, which is why they say “Hi Macey” on the sides. $10,000 was given to the Band in honor of Macey’s memory. The Band plans to use this money to better their program and to honor Macey in all that they do.  

“The donation made by the President of Sweet Bran is a true blessing to our band program,” assistant band director Christy Barber said. “It will allow us to make some needed improvements to our marching instrument inventory, and also have some fun while at state marching contest in San Antonio next week.”  

The band plans to use some of the money to reward the band for their hard-working this marching season, as well as purchasing new items. 

 “We plan to use a portion of the funds to take the band to K1 speed, an indoor go-kart racing track,” Barber said. “We hear that Macey was a person who fully enjoyed life, so this is just the type of activity she would have loved.”  

Senior drum major Joshua Samaron believes this is a special donation for the band. 

“It definitely means a lot, especially since it came from Sweet Bran,” Samaron mentioned. “They just really care about Lara and Macey’s family.” 

The Band will honor Macey’s legacy for years to come. 

“We will have a small plaque created for the cases that is inscribed in Macey’s honor,” Barber said. “Macey loved band, so keeping her memory alive in these ways is important to the SEHS Wolverine Band.”