Should Cellphones Work in a Moving Vehicle?


Cellphones being used for various different things

Jenna Bridges, Writer

Cellphones have always been claimed responsible for accidents. Last year 364 people died on Texas roads because of texting and driving. However, cellphones are not to blame, the drivers are. 

Cellphones should work in a moving vehicle.  

Not all riders in a vehicle are driving. There is no reason that phones shouldn’t work for those people who are only riders. Not only that, but long road trips can be very tedious. Even more if your phone is not working. Children have become so dependent on cellphones that they most likely would not be able to go on a long road trip without a working phone.  

Besides the long road trips, most people use a GPS to get around everywhere. 54% of responders aged 18 to 58 years stated that they use their cellphones for maps/GPS navigation. Without some type of electronic device to navigate themselves, they wouldn’t be able to reach their destination, or where they need to be. Although some vehicles have built in GPS systems, not everyone can afford to pay for an updated vehicle. Using a cellphone is the same amount of distraction as using the touchscreen on the vehicle.  

There is a mode on one’s cellphone that is called driving focus. Driving focus helps people concentrate on the road, without any distractions such as calls, text messages, or social media notifications. Driving focus helps while people navigate with maps. With driving focus the driver can read and send messages, make calls, and control media with his/her voice, without leaving Maps navigation. It would make it way less complicated if the driver could just put their phone on drivers focus, so that way the passenger or other riders can be entertained on either the long drive, or the short cruise. 

Yes, nonworking cellphones in a moving vehicle would prevent the 364 accidents that happened last year due to them, but so would drivers focus. The cellphone is not to blame, it is the person behind the wheel. 

Cellphones should work in a moving vehicle. Not only because of long road trips and drivers focus, but because most people don’t know their way around. As previously stated, a good amount of people use their cellphone as a GPS device.