Homecoming Court Candidates


Sarah Weldon

Senior Homecoming Court Representatives

Jenna Bridges, Writer

The 2021 Homecoming Pep Rally is on Friday at 2:15 in the High School Gym. There are 23 representatives that will be announced during this time. Those who will be represented are the Spirit King and Queen, the Band Duke and 2 Duchess’s, the Kindergarten Crown Bearers, and two representatives from 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th grade. The four seniors that were chose to represent their class are: Trace Goodman and Sayler Beerwinkle, Timothy Tanaro and Katy Jones, Davey Crandall and Micaela Fuentes, and Evan Deleon and Kimberly Cruz. The Homecoming King and Queen will be announced at the end of the Pep Rally.

Evan Deleon was on Homecoming court last year, but he was surprised to be picked again. He is also looking forward to football game against the Wildcats.

“I’m most excited for the football game,” Deleon said. “But I was kinda surprised that I got picked.” 

This is Davey Crandall’s first time being on Homecoming court. Although he is excited to be on court for his senior year, he was astonished that his class picked him to represent.

“I have never been really big on popularity contest it has never been up my alley.” Crandall said. “It’s nice you know, I get to hang out with my buddies. Me, Trace, and Tim, and Evan, we’re all pretty close so it’ll be nice to hang out with them.” 

Froylan Agundiz is the 8th grade boy representative.

“I didn’t think I was gonna get picked because everyone was voting for different people,” Agundiz said. “To walk down the pep rally and for everyone to speak is what I’m most excited for.”

Kimberly Cruz, one of the four seniors, has bittersweet feelings about Homecoming this year. 

“I think I’m most excited because this is my first time being on court, but it is also my last.” Cruz said. “I was excited but surprised by the fact that I am on court.” 

Deleon is thrilled at the opportunity to be able to go out and buy a new outfit.  

“I was happy, I get to go out and buy some clothes,” Deleon said. “I get to dress up.” 

This will be Beerwinkle’s 4th time to be on Homecoming court. This time is more sentimental to her because she can be the 2021 Homecoming Queen.

“It’s a pretty special honor to be on homecoming court,” Beerwinkle said. “And I think each of us deserve a chance to be queen.”