Tough Loss to the Happy Cowboys

Senior Alex Alvarez going in for a bucket.

Lamb County News

Senior Alex Alvarez going in for a bucket.

Taytum Goodman

The Wolverines took on the Happy Cowboys in last Friday night’s basketball game.  Unfortunately, the Wolverines came out with the loss, but they had a good learning experience that they know will only help them to be better players on the court in any upcoming games of the season.

“Considering the team is mostly freshmen, I think they are coming around really well,” spectator and junior Emma Stevenson said. 

The endless effort demonstrated by the Wolverines on the court was very evident throughout the game, and it was an aspect many spectators were proud and impressed to see. 

“It was the first away game I went to in awhile, and I was really impressed with the work ethic I saw,” Stevenson said. “It was really nice to see that the boys fought the whole game and never gave up.” 

Parent and spectator Melissa Alvarez also noticed their endless determination despite the difficulty presented with executing plays.

“They could of played better,” Alvarez said. “Their defense wasn’t what it was two days ago. They just need to learn from their last two games and play better. I am glad they don’t ever give up if they are winning or losing.”

The boys scored a total of 35 points, with junior JJ Jaramillo leading the way with a contribution of 20 points for the Wolverines. As a whole, the team is working together to find areas of improvement.

“We need to improve on offense as a whole to have more people score,” Jaramillo said.  

The Wolverines are applying themselves fully in practice in preparation for their upcoming game against Hart.

“I really believe if we show up to play, we will beat Hart without no big deal,” Jaramillo said.