Lady Wolverines Whiteface Tournament


Jenna Bridges

The Lady Wolverines during the Whitharral Tournament.

Jenna Bridges, Writer

At the Whiteface tournament, schools ranging from 1-3A were invited, including the Lady Wolverines. The Lady Wolverines competed against four different teams. 

The Lady Wolverines played against the Plains Cowgirls for their first game on Thursday. The girls played a tight game and did well keeping up with the cowgirls.  

“We could have easily won, but we had mistakes here and there that can be fixed,” junior Taytum Goodman said. “The Cowgirls pulled it out in the end sadly, but the mistakes we made gave them the game.” 

On Thursday evening the Lady Wolverines played their second game against the Hale Center Owls. It was also a close game for the girls.  

“If we would’ve kept running the floor as a fast break, we would have been unstoppable,” senior Halee Toscano said.  

The third game the Lady Wolverines took on the Silverton Owls, the Owls played rough. Toward the end of the third quarter, Toscano was shoved to the ground, and immediately taken out for the rest of the tournament.  

“It was tough that I didn’t get to finish the game with my team, but they still played the best they could, even without me,” Toscano said.  

The Lady Wolverines ended off their weekend in Whiteface with a win against the Loop Lady Horns. 

“Because we played a team that was not as fundamentally sound, we jumped out in a big lead which resulted in everyone getting quality playing time,” Coach Jeri Been Goodman said.