Big Win For The First Home Game


Dillon Jones Photography

Junior Taytum Goodman dribbling the ball in the Meadow game.

Taytum Goodman, Writer

The Lady Wolverines take the win for their first home game against Meadow.  The Lady Wolverines took the lead from the start and extended it as the game went on until the final score of 65-34.   

“I think winning the game against Meadow showed the girls that they were not only capable of winning but they are able to shut out people by 30 points,” senior Annabelle Anchondo said. 

Since it was the girls’ first game at home, spectators that do not travel to out-of-town games were glad to see a win. 

“I enjoyed watching their first home game,” junior Grace McIver.  “It looked like they were in their comfort zone, and it showed by the score. 

Going into the game there wasn’t much to know about Meadow except that they were big. 

“I knew the girls could do it, and I had confidence in them,” parent Melissa Alvarez said.