Wolverines Try to Buck the Broncos


Dillion Jones Photography

Wolverines playing against Meadow

Rosie Hernandez

The varsity boys played Meadow on Tuesday night; however, they had a tough performance. After ending the game with a score of 44-42, Springlake – Earth lost the game. Even though they lost by a close call, they put hard work on the court for their first home game. The players were looking forward to competing against the Broncos.

“I’m looking forward to playing my first home basketball game and my goal is to go super far in the playoffs,” senior Roel Fuentes said.

 For many members on this team, they have worked very hard to showcase what hard work can get you. 

“We have the opportunity to win every single game that comes our way, and I feel as the game comes, we will be able to conquer and beat those teams, such as Nazareth and Happy.” freshman Froylan Agundiz said. “I see us succeeding in our offense and defense and cutting towards the basketball with the speed we have.” 

For some, it’s their last year playing; as senior Alex Alvarez, Micah Sanchez, Fuentes and Jerry Gallegos will leave the court with nothing but good memories that they have made throughout the whole year. 

“The greatest benefit is we are small which means we are fast and can move the ball fast.” Gallegos said.  “I’m looking forward to playing with this group for my last year.” 

First quarter, junior JJ Jaramillo got the ball, and he scored a lay-up. Freshman Kaleb Castillo fouled #10 before shooting a three. Junior Isaiah Tovar came in and scored two points. Alvarez got a chance to make some freethrows, earning another two points for the Wolverines. Jaramillo shot another three.

“We have improved this past week having to play with such little practice and being able to prove that we are a lot better then we look.” Agundiz said. “But we can improve a lot more with practice and reps.” 

In the 2nd quarter of the game, Meadow took the lead with 29 to 18. Meadow got the ball, passed it around, 1 goes up, draws a foul, and scores two points for his team. The Wolverines got it back, but the ball went out of bounds. Catching the ball, Alvarez went up and scored.

“I’ve learned to shoot, play with confidence, and give the ball to JJ because he’s a bucket,” Fuentes said.

Third quarter, Meadow took the lead again by 1 point. However, the Wolverines stole the lead. Agundiz passed to junior Gavin Gonzales allowing Jaramillo to score 2. At the end, Jaramillo shot a three at the buzzer. With the start of 4th quarter 35-34, Jaramillo scored two and got fouled on by Meadow. The Wolverines get the rebound from Meadow’s freethrows, but failed to make a bucket. The game tied with 31 seconds left with a score of 42-42. Meadow’s #12 shot a two making the score 42-44 with 5 seconds left on the clock .Being strategic, the Wolverines tried a new play for press break, but the ball got hit out of bounds. Jaramillo tried to score, but the ball hit off the rim, making 42-44 the final score with Meadow taking home the win.

“Games like that are only going to make us better and gear us up for district,” Alvarez said.