Lady Wolverines Take on the Lady Longhorns

Rosie Hernandez and Annabelle Anchondo

The Lady Wolverines had an unfavorable outcome in their game Tuesday night against Lockey’s Lady Longhorns. After a close score between the two teams for the entirety of the game, Lockney would claim the victory with a score of 46-50. Despite the loss, the girls know there are always areas to improve on and were excited to compete in their first game of the season. 

“I was very excited for the game because it was my first game ever! But as a whole perspective, I think everyone was ready to play,” senior and player Halee Toscano said. “For it being our first official game, I think we did good! We could work on our defense a little more in practice because I think defense wins games!” 

Being teammates for several years prior to high school and having the same coach helped the girls to maintain the knowledge they needed going into their game against the Lady Longhorns. 

“I have been in basketball since junior high, and having all that time being a part of it, I’m able to work with my team and learn throughout the years,” junior and player Sydney Furr said. “We definitely needed that game. It gave us good practice that we needed. I think we need to keep working hard.” 

To start receive the first points of the game, Lockney would drive the ball down the court and shoot from the outside, earning three points. Seeing Lockney score, junior Taytum Goodman in possession of the ball passes to junior Jasmine Garcia. Before Garcia can take a shot, the Longhorns would gain possession of the ball but fail to make a point. Wolverines try to make it down the court, but instead, the ball is knocked out of bounds. With Goodman throwing the ball back into play, Lockney’s #32 makes a steal and passes to #10. #10’s shot is missed and rebounded by the Lady Wolverines. Junior Emma Samaron is passed the ball, shoots, and makes a bucket for Springake-Earth. The first quarter ends with the Lady Wolverines in the lead by several points. 

“I feel we had a pretty good game. I hope to accomplish building a stronger team for the upcoming girls and just overall, working on having a good season learning from our mistakes at every game,” junior and player Adamarie Hernandez said. 

Going through the second quarter of the game, the Lady Wolverines finished up in the lead once more with a score of 13-8. With the third quarter underway, Goodman brings the ball for a pass to Samaron, but two longhorns jump on her. Toscano later had a turnover, allowing #10 to bring the ball down the court and attempt a three-point shot that missed the basket. Longhorns try for a layup, but it goes out of bounds, giving the Lady Wolverines the ball. Goodman brings the ball down and passes to junior Sydney Furr, but the pass is completed out of bounds. Longhorns later score after a turnover on the Wolverines’ end. The third quarter finishes up with a score of 43-37. 

“The game was so much better than the scrimmages. I wasn’t sure how the cross country girls would do, but I was happy the way they played,” Coach Jeri Been Goodman said. “If we can get more players to contribute scoring, we will be okay. Replacing Sayler’s 18 points a game will be a challenge. The goal is stick together as a team.” 

Taytum brings it down Sydney passes to Emma who goes for a jump shot. Longhorn ball foul by Sydney on 10. Taytum rebounds and brings down the ball. She passes to jasmine who tries to pass it back. Halee goes for the 3 does not make it. Longhorn pass the ball around to take up time and the wolverine cannot recover the ball. The Lady Wolverines finished off the game with a score of 46 to 50 .   

“I felt good going into the game. We started off playing with confidence, and overall, we had our stuff together. I would have ran harder and should have played some harder defense,” Garcia said. “I would have definitely tried to make my shot. I look forward to seeing us go far again this year. Most of all, I’m just playing with my friends and just trying to enjoy the season.” 

Goodman rushes down the court and passes to Furr who then passes to Samaron for a jump shot and bucket. The ball becomes Lockney’s, and Furr fouls on #10. Goodman rebounds the ball and brings it down the court to Garcia who tries to pass it back to Goodman. Halee gets the ball, shoots for a three, but misses. With time running out, the Lady Longhorns pass around the ball, and the Wolverines are unable to recover the ball for another bucket. The game ends 46-50.  

“The girls went onto that court with nothing but heart. Even when there were things happening during the game that went against our team, they did their best on and off the court,” manager Annabelle Anchondo said. “Even though we lost, we never lost that heart, and that aspect is admirable. We also didn’t lose by much. If they can improve on some aspects, they will go very far this season, and I’m looking forward to them improving each and every game.”