Wolverines Fall after a Hard-Fought Battle

Senior Evan Deleon knocks down two free throws

Sayler Beerwinkle, Editor

The Wolverines traveled to Palo Duro high school in Amarillo on Tuesday, February 28 to take on defending state champions, the Texline Tornadoes. Unfortunately, the Wolverines season came to an end with a score of 91-77. The first half was a little rough but after halftime, the Wolverines went on a run cutting the lead to three with three minutes left to play. Now the athletic program moves on to spring sports, including track, baseball and golf. 

Senior Evan Deleon led the team with a total of 42 points, one assist and six rebounds. Senior Kaden Castillo followed with 12 points, four assists, and five rebounds.  

“I had one of the best games I have ever had, scoring wise,” Deleon said. “I know that we lost, and that was super sad, but we were so close to winning.” 

Senior #11 Joshua Samaron

The Wolverines fell to Texline last year, and were hoping to beat them this season.

“The boys at Texline are sort of my friends, and I think they are good players and people, but I wish we would’ve beat them,” Deleon said. “They easily won the region and I wish we could have played them in the regional tournament instead, cause it would have been a good game.”

Other two seniors, Trace Goodman and Keshan Holmes both added a few points to the board for the last time. Goodman totaled eight points and six assists. Holmes netted seven points and had a total of four rebounds and three assists.

Senior Trace Goodman wears #23 for the last time

“The boys came up close to winning,” sophomore Taytum Goodman said. “I had fun cheering for them and Trace all season.”

Sophomore Jonathan Jaramillo put up four points, two assists and three rebounds.

“It has been a privilege to be able to play with Kaden, Keshan, Alex and JJ, since they are my best friends,” Deleon said. “I have played with Kaden, Keesh and Trace for a really long time and we have always been able to work good together, we definitely have good team chemistry.”

Also, junior Alex Alvarez scored a bucket, had two assists and three rebounds. Senior Joshua Samaron finished with two points and one rebound.

“Alex was able to come off the bench and help make things happen, and that was always a good thing,” Deleon mentioned. “Everyone had a role and each game they filled it or did other things that helped us to be successful. I think we gave Texline everything we had and we were so close to beating them, we just ran out of time.”

Senior Kaden Castillo brings the ball down the hardwood

Deleon talks about how two Wolverines fouled out.

“I hate to talk bad about the refs, but I didn’t think they were calling it very fair,” Deleon stated. “Kaden and Keesh both fouled out, and at least Kaden should not have. They gave one of my fouls to Kaden and he was not anywhere close enough to foul, plus it was my man. That was upsetting especially since it was his fifth foul and only the 3rd quarter.”

Goodman also felt that the refs were calling it one sided.

“Texline played a little dirty and the refs were letting them,” Goodman mentioned. “They played through it and made it a 3 point game for a minute.”

Senior Keshan Holmes dribbles at the top of the key

Fan Susan Templeton is proud of the Wolverines on a spectacular season and wishes them luck throughout the rest of the year.

“They had a great season and should be very proud of all that they accomplished,” Templeton said. “I hope that they can continue and carry it on through baseball, track, golf and into summer sports.”