Lady Wolverine Season Comes to and End



Send-off prior to heading to the game

Annabelle Anchondo, Writer

With a total of 22 wins of the season, winning two tournaments early on, and earning the district, bi-district, and area championships, the Lady Wolverines put their jerseys on one last time to play against the Nazareth Swiftettes. 

They traveled to WT in Canyon on Tuesday to compete in the quarterfinals against Nazareth. Even though they put up a tough fight, they had to accept a loss with a score of 63-26, marking the end of the road for the Lady Wolverines. Despite the loss, each player kept their head held high as they shook the Swiftettes’ hands and congratulated them on their win.  

“I was proud of the girls for playing until the last buzzer and never giving up, even being down so much going into the fourth quarter,” Coach Sarah Weldon said. “It’s easy to give up in a game like that but we didn’t, and I never thought we would.” 

Senior Mahalia Delgado makes a pass (Bills)

Even though Nazareth gained the lead early on in the game, SE remained positive, earning them a few points throughout the game. Senior Sayler Beerwinkle led with a total of 16 points, 5 rebounds, and 1 assist. Junior Halee Toscano followed with 3 points and 2 rebounds.  

“We just didn’t play well against their defense,” Weldon said. “It was definitely the best defense we’ve come up against all year, and it hurt us.”  

Even with the challenges of defense, each player helped the team to stay in the game, including sophomore Taytum Goodman who had 7 assists and 5 rebounds and sophomore Emma Samaron who scored 7 points and got in 5 rebounds.  

“Halee and Taytum usually score in the double digits, and unfortunately, they weren’t able to which was sad. But it is all ok in the end,” Beerwinkle said. “Everyone was trying.” 

The girls made sure to keep their heads held high as they walked off the court and chose to look at the many accomplishments they have had this season. Accomplishments that have not been made since 2006. 

“We went farther than any Lady Wolverine team since my 2006 State runner up team,” Coach Been said. 

With such an amazing achievement, every player should be more than proud of themselves for such incredible effort put into every game. For this, manager Hannah Alvarez could not be more honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of such an awesome team. 

“It was really exciting, and it made me feel cool,” Alvarez said. “They taught me that it takes everybody, and everyone has to do their part for the team to be successful.” 

Besides the loss, it was a bittersweet moment for seniors Mahalia Delgado and Sayler Beerwinkle, as this game marked the last one they would get to play in high school. 

Senior Sayler Beerwinkle sinks two free throws (Bills)

“It’s sad to know that it was my last time to put the “Lady Wolverine” jersey on, do the chain and Lord’s prayer before and after the game, and run out as “Senior #23,” Beerwinkle said. “But I know I left my mark, and I know that I will cherish the memories I made while playing basketball.” 

Despite it being the end of her high school basketball career, Beerwinkle plans to play at the college level at Hardin Simmons University. What she has learned and accomplished as a Lady Wolverine will always be with her as she enters the college basketball realm. 

“I had a lot of accomplishments over the past 4 years, and I am forever thankful for the teammates that I got to experience those with. It’s sad that it is over, but I’m so ready to play for the Cowgirls in college!” Beerwinkle said. “These last four years are what set me up to be able to play at the next level, so I am excited for that.” 

All of the Lady Wolverines have proved this season how much heart they have and what all they will risk to leave everything on the court. They have had an amazing season and more to come in the future. 

“I am honored to be their coach,” Coach Been said. “Again, they have had a great year and career, and they should be proud.”