Wolverines vs. Mustangs

Taytum Goodman, Writer

The Springlake-Earth Wolverines traveled to Olton Tuesday night.  Even though the game did not turn out the way they wanted it to with a final score of 56-48 Olton, Coach CJ Castillo had positive comments about the game. 

“Last night was a good hard-fought competitive game,” Coach Castillo said.  “We only get better from games like these.” 

Senior, #33, Keshan Holmes talked about what he thinks the Wolverines can improve on. 

“As a team, I think we need to structure our game around an offense more,” Holmes said. 

Coach Castillo sees improvement from the team each practice and game.

“I saw a lot of development defensively and offensively,” Coach Castillo said.  “We do need to understand game situations more and continue decreasing our turnover rate.” 

The Wolverines will compete in the Whitharral tournament this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  

“A lot of our schedule this year has prepared us for a tournament like this,” Coach Castillo said.  “We have the tools; we just have to play the game and get better at details.  We have to treat each game as it’s our last and play with that much more passion to get where we want to get.” 

The Wolverines and Lady Wolverines both have a great student section that senior Timothy Tanaro plays a major role in.

“They are my friends and classmates at school,” Tanaro said.  “They deserve support for all the work they put in.  I encourage everyone to come out and support them.  Plus, I know that when you’re playing and you hear the support from your student section it means a lot, it can change the game, it gives a fire in you that you don’t get unless it’s from the fans.” 

Tanaro has hopes for both boys’ and girls’ teams, as they head to the tournament today.

“It would be nice for the girls to win their 2nd tournament and the boys to win their 1st,” Tanaro said.