Wolverines Conquer the Roughnecks


WEB Staff

Senior Kaden Castillo knocking down a free throw

Sayler Beerwinkle, Editor

The Springlake-Earth Wolverines had an outstanding performance Tuesday night as they played against the Sundown Roughnecks. The boys including, senior Kaden Castillo and senior Trace Goodman, coached by CJ Castillo are very pleased with how they played, but they know that there’s always room for improvement.  

 The Wolverines have been coached by CJ since they were in junior high, proving to be an advantage since they have experience working with each other.  

“Having a history of playing together at a young age has transitioned to our chemistry at the varsity level,” Coach Castillo said.  

Wolverines were up by a good amount of points going into halftime Tuesday night. With the help of Goodman’s defense, the Roughnecks weren’t able to score as much as they wanted to. 

“My number one thing on the court is defense,” Goodman said. “I’m really good about sticking with the guy in guarding, being hands-on defense, and putting a lot of pressure on the ball.” 

The Wolverines finished off the game with a victorious score of 69-40. K. Castillo scored 21 of those points, he was optimistic of a win over Sundown.  

“I was really confident for our team to go out there and win big since we had such a good game against Plains,” K. Castillo said. 

Despite the win, they know there’s always certain things they can improve on. 

 “One thing I could improve on would be less turnovers, better footwork, and hitting the open person quicker,” Goodman said

Castillo also knows that he can improve and better himself.

“I can improve on my whole game just because I’m not satisfied on just being good,” K. Castillo said. “Turning over the ball would be the thing I need to work on.” 

Coach Castillo has goals for The Wolverines this season from learning from their mistakes to getting another district championship. 

“Our goal is to get better each game, and each practice,” Coach Castillo said. “We want another district championship and also to advance state tournament.”