Varsity Girls Take on 3A Team


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Basketball season is underway

Annabelle Anchondo, Writer

Last Friday, the Varsity girls’ basketball team competed in their second game this season at SEHS, playing against Muleshoe. Even though the Lady Wolverines kept up with Muleshoe the entire game, the Lady Mules managed to take the win with a score of 30-39.

Despite the loss, each and every player on the Varsity team stepped up their game, and it took the entire team’s dedication and hard work to keep with Muleshoe. Coach Jeri Been Goodman was very impressed and proud by everyone on the SE Varsity team.

“I felt pretty good. This game everybody scored but one,” Coach Been said. “It’s just well-rounded. I think that’s what makes us a better team.”

SE made the first 2 points in the first quarter. Due to a foul against Muleshoe, Sayler picked up an additional point in free-throws. Muleshoe then scored their first 2 points at 6:14 and gained an additional 2 points at 5:38. In the last 5 minutes, Beerwinkle, senior Mahalia Delgado, and junior Halee Toscano earned SE another 5 points, and Muleshoe picked up another 10, making the score 8-14 at the end of first quarter.

“I realized that it was the beginning of the game still and we didn’t have that far to catch up,” Beerwinkle said. “However, I knew that we needed to step it up and score more points.”

Muleshoe began the second quarter with the ball; however, after several failed attempts to score on both sides Muleshoe finally scored 2 points at 5:58. In the remaining time, Muleshoe earned 8 more points and SE gained 6 which made the score 14-24 by halftime.

“I think as a team we did pretty good. We could work on getting open better.  Knowing our positions,” Goodman said.  “I thought we played pretty good defense on a team that was strong on the offensive side.”

After determining what they were strong on and what they needed to work on, the Lady Wolverines came out of the locker room ready to take Muleshoe on again in the second half of the game.

“We have to know where everyone is at on the court and how to successfully stop them from scoring,” Beerwinkle said.

SE put their plays into motion, and in the second quarter they scored 4 more points, only having one foul the entire time. The Lady Wolverine’s good defensive plays allowed Muleshoe to only pick up 2 points and gain 4 fouls against them in the third quarter.

“I seriously think if we played them again, it would be even better,” Goodman said. “Playing that close to them was help for the team to realize how good we can be.”

In the last quarter, both teams stepped on the court ready to score as many points as possible. Sophomore Sydney Furr, sophomore Emma Samaron, and Beerwinkle stepped it up, scoring a total of 9 points for the Lady Wolverines . Muleshoe drove hard towards the basket, making 13 points. In the very last few seconds of the game, Goodman got into position and scored another 3 points for SE.

“Muleshoe was a good team and it really helped us to see our true potential,” Beerwinkle said.