Varsity Adds Another Win to the Record


Sarah Weldon

S-E Football Helmet

Annabelle Anchondo, Writer

The Wolverines claimed another victory at Friday’s game against O’Donnell. With 8:39 still on the clock in the 4th quarter, the Varsity football team ended the game against the Eagles with an impressive score of 75-28.  

Despite the few errors made in Friday’s game, the Wolverines still had an amazing victory and did many great things on the field that helped them bring home the win. 

“We were way more physical. We had bigger hits,” sophomore Xavyer Mosqueda said. “We weren’t scared to put our shoulder down and knock them down.” 

Football isn’t all about the tackles though. The Wolverine’s speed and quick application of the plays left O’Donnell scrambling to keep up, and greatly helped them keep ahead of the Eagles the entire game. 

“Our boys are fast and you gotta have that in six man,” parent and fan Michael Mosqueda said. “We don’t just have one or two. There are several athletes and they have proven to be more athletic than the other teams most of the time this year.” 

Even though the football players have many advantages and the skill level, attitude is everything when it comes playing the game. 

“They have the talent to do big things this year.  Self-discipline is what I think will be the difference,” Michael Mosqueda said. “They need to keep their cool and composure when things don’t go as planned.  That can be the difference when they meet up a with a team that’s just as talented as we are.” 

Carlos Alvarez was at the game in the concession stand, and agrees with Michael Mosqueda. 

“Try to maintain control of the game without getting frustrated, and just play a solid game,” Alvarez said. “Don’t try to lower yourself to their playing level.” 

The varsity players are studying all of the things they need to improve on, and they are preparing for this week’s game against White Deer. 

“I think it’s less of watching White Deer and seeing what they’re doing,” Xavyer Mosqueda said. “It’s more of seeing what we did and how we can improve on our game, so that we can make White Deer play our game instead of us play theirs.” 

Besides the preparation, the Wolverine Nation plays a huge part in helping the Varsity win each week.  

“As far as like the band helping out, they are always real loud. They get them going. I think the band and the student body is always a big factor in whether or not they are gonna win,” Alvarez said. “It builds up their confidence when people go watch and support them.”