Wolverines Move Happy Down the List


Jade Hill

Varsity Wolverines at Happy Stadium

Jenna Bridges, Writer

Springlake-Earth High School didn’t disappoint on Thursday night at the Cowboy Stadium, where the varsity Wolverines played against Happy. 

Senior Timothy Tanaro had two passes in a row for first downs. Tanaro had no doubt that they would win their game against happy. 

“I was confident going into the game, and the rest of the team was just as confident as I was.” Tanaro said. 

Coach Harley Ethridge on the other hand, was worried about how his players would play the game. 

“I was concerned,” Coach Ethridge said. “I was wondering which team was going to show up, the team that beat Whitharral, or the team that got beat by Rankin.” 

The Wolverines played as a team not as an individual Thursday night, which helped them have the final victorious score of 68-36. 

“There’s two things you can’t do going into a game, you can’t think about losing, nor winning, and you can’t think about yourself.” Coach Ethridge said. “It was a team effort and that led them to victory.” 

This is the second year for the Wolverines to play six-man, they’re barely getting the hang of it. Last year they lost against Happy pretty bad, but the Wolverines didn’t let that happen again. 

“Happy has had our number, they beat us up pretty bad last year. This year we turned that around.” Ethridge said.

Ethridge believes the Wolverines have a great team.

“These guys right here, they’re a lot better than they think they are, they just have to pull it out of themselves.” Ethridge said.

Tanaro also has confidence that the team will do great this season. 

“I’m confident that we will make it to the semi-finals this year.” Tanaro said.