JV Comes up Short to the Bucks


#90, Gavin Gonzales, goes up to block.

Sayler Beerwinkle, Editor

Last Thursday, the Wolverines were scheduled to play at Crowell, but the Wildcats cancelled last minute. Due to the cancellation, they picked up a game against White Deer, in Happy. The JV sadly came up short 31-37. 

Sophomores Gavin Gonzales, Slade Beerwinkle and Braden Bradley each fought a tough battle. Freshman Timothy Tovar and Reymundo Gonzales also had an excellent game. 

“I thought it was good that we were playing the same team twice,” Bradley said. “We knew what they were going to do.” 

Gavin Gonzales broke loose on the 2nd play of the game to score, the extra points were not good and White Deer answered right back to put the score 6-8. 

“I was hoping that we would beat them this time,” Gonzales stated. “Or at least do better than we did in the previous game.”  

In the middle of the 2nd quarter, Beerwinkle rushed the ball up the middle to get the Wolverines in the red zone. Two plays later he runs it in for six more points. 

“The team was much more focused,” spectator Susan Templeton mentioned, “They never quit.” 

Beerwinkle made a 20-yard pass to Tovar for a first down. The Wolverines struggled to get it in the end zone, and unfortunately gave it right back to the Bucks, making the score 12-25 at the half. 

“Last week, we had a lot better practices,” Bradley said. “That helped us a lot during the game.”  

The second half started a defensive battle. With 3:40 left in the 3rd Gonzales stopped #14, and allowed the team to get the ball back. Gonzales gained five more yards, and Beerwinkle added six more points to the scoreboard. 

“We played better defense,” Gonzales added. “We could read what they were going to run.” 

20 seconds left in the 3rd quarter the Bucks fought through to get in the end zone, but the Wolverines pressured them to keep the score 18-31. 

“Gavin blocked well in this game, and Slade made a few good runs,” spectator Susan Templeton said. “Timothy also had a good game.” 

White Deer turned around and started the 4th with a touchdown, but not long after, the green and gold followed with their own touchdown. With 5:47 to go it was a one touchdown game. 

“We ran our plays better on offense,” Gonzales mentioned. “without fumbling too much.”

Beerwinkle then made a huge sack to bring up 3rd and 12 at the two-minute warning. On the 4th down, Gonzales got an interception and ran it back to the 40-yard line. The Wolverines fought hard but couldn’t get it done and lost,  31-37. 

“I was proud of the things I heard Coach Mahler say to them after the game,” Templeton said. “I was mostly proud to see the whole team put in the effort that they did put in.”