All Is Lost


Annabelle Anchondo

Artistic picture of Annabelle Anchondo’s essay “All is Lost”

Annabelle Anchondo, Writer

In any relationship, whether it be a friendship, romantic relationship, acquaintance, or family relationship, trust is the foundation that it is built on. Without trust, the relationship will come crumbling down in a fraction of the time it took to build the relationship in the first place, and once the trust is lost between two individuals, it is hard to build that relationship again. It is especially hard to gain that trust again if one of the individuals is someone in government who is supposed to be representing the American people.

The real lies begin when candidates are running for any form of position in government. To gain votes, politicians study what the American people value and what they are looking for in a candidate. Then they feed people full of lies saying that they will take certain actions if they are elected. This allows them to win over the majority of Americans. However, once they assume their office, they won’t do any of the things that they promised the American people they would do. In most cases, they do exactly what people don’t want them to. Someone elected as a governmental official should be the voice for all Americans. They take an oath to uphold the values that were established in the Constitution. The very first words of the Constitution are, “We the people, and this asserts that the United States government is here to be in the service of the American people. By lying to Americans, the government is not serving anyone but themselves. Nevertheless, the only way to impeach them is to prove in a court of law that they didn’t live up to their oath. They know how to cover their tracks and bury the truth, though. That is why Americans find themselves questioning the government, and trust and faith instilled in the government is lost. People can clearly see the deception, and they can see that the truth is being hidden. American citizens will go above and beyond to uncover the truth and expose those who covered it up in the first place. As soon as they discover what is true, they will be willing to call out anyone involved in the cover up no matter what the individual’s title is and what office they hold.  

If the government chooses to continue to lie to the American people, the United States will have several issues arise. First of all, Americans will be less apt to do things that benefit the government in any way. Rebellions will take place. Boycotts and strikes will be a usual sight in cities across the United States. Police departments will see a drastic increase in violence in their towns and cities. If enough people get tired of the lies, the citizens of the U.S. will no longer be able to be controlled by any enforcement agency. This is when the United States is faced with another civil war. America was involved in its first civil war back in 1861. Previous to the war, many people were moving West. Some took part in westward expansion to seek better opportunities while others believed in manifest destiny. With settlement in a new territory, a big question arose: should slavery be allowed? At the time, the southern region of the United States depended on the large quantity of farms to fuel their economy. Because of this, farmers became dependent on African American slaves to grow and harvest crops. However, in the northern region of the U.S., industry and manufacturing was booming, and farming wasn’t quite as important to the economy in this region. Northerners started to feel that slavery should be abolished and shouldn’t be allowed in newer territories. When the people in the South caught wind of this, they began to fear that their economy and way of life was being threatened. That is when tensions increased, and the fight for states’ rights began. The Civil War had the most bloodshed in American history. This goes to show how willing individuals are to risk it all in order to protect their beliefs. When you add a larger number of individuals willing to do the same thing on both sides of the conflict, the tension intensifies. When you add lying government officials to the mix, the tension becomes even greater.

This is evident in more recent events. In July, President Biden announced that he would be withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. He promised and made Americans and the troops defending our nation believe that the withdrawal from Afghanistan would be timely and would be safe for everyone involved. He said it wouldn’t be a repeat of previous historical events that took place in South Vietnam. However, as U.S. troops were waiting to depart from Afghanistan, suicide bombers came and claimed 13 U.S. troops’ lives. Most of them were kids still who had their whole lives ahead of them, and President Biden was more than willing to pin all of the blame on those suicide bombers. The actions taken by those suicide bombers did take those lives, but Americans can see who is really to blame, President Biden being one of those individuals. His continuous lies and constant misleadings have brought out an anger bubbling over in every American. They are angry. Innocent people who have spent years defending the American ideals and the people’s freedoms lost their lives because the president of the United States and his administration made a careless decision, and then they lied to the American people to hide their actions and their deception. The job of the government is to protect and defend the citizens of the United States and their troops, yet troops died on their account.

In every lie, there is truth that was the foundation for that lie. When people are passionate enough and when anger is fueling their every move, the American people are too powerful for even the government to control. The trust and faith in the American government has been lost, and the government is to blame.