Technology: The Greatest Foe Humanity Has Ever Faced


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Lexi Anchondo, Writer

The recent advances in technology have revolutionized the world and are seen to change the future. Technology is recognized as man’s best marvel, however, it is unknown what will happen when this technology grows and advances so much it surpasses human interaction. The human race is nothing, if not humans themselves. There is no need for the level of technology dependence that grows every day. Humans see technology as the pathway to success, but in all reality, technology is the gateway to humanity’s end.

Humanity has been lost to the “connection” technology supposedly generates. Social media is the new form of personal interaction, with all the personality being replaced with a fake form of human dreams and attitudes. An example of a more popular social media platform, which is an exact representation of the ideas in this writing, is TikTok. Formally known as Musically, TikTok has become a big hit in the internet content creators’ lives. What was, in the beginning, seen as a way for people to come together and express themselves, has become a certain show of embarrassment. In the real world, you have good people, doctors, law enforcement, an electrician, a trash collector, working for a living. These people strive, along with all other legit professions, to change the world, even if it is seen as inconsequential. While others on such social media platforms, such as TikTok, are doing appalling dances displaying their bodies, and end up earning more money than the honest working force. The world will turn into a picture of disturbance, of ruin, while all the people who strived to keep it together, united, drown in the sadness of it all. If this is all the reasoning behind why humanity survived throughout the other races, it may be that humanity should be extinct.

The interdependence of people has kept the human race alive, not technology. While technological advances have supported and strengthened this, they are not the basis of it. Technological innovations, the growth of terrorism by nonstate actors, and new legal and ethical approaches are changing the nature of modern technology. Cutting-edge technologies used for warfare—drones, cyber weapons, autonomous weapons—could reduce collateral damage, but their ease of use could also breed more conflict by lowering the political costs of engagement. Other technologies could better provide early warning of conflict and promote more effective peacekeeping, but pose new questions on ethical norms of the use of military force and intervention. The world has started seeing technological warfare as the issue, and not the operators themselves. It could be true that humans are the error themselves, but technology will be the error to the end of human error.

Technology is the destructor, the enemy, and too much always results in a terrible ending. Technology is the psychological pathway into human fears and doubts. It has been created and advanced by the fright of being without power or sway, of another human group or technology. The feelings toward another group of people spurs the unnecessary need to destroy, and technology is that weapon of choice. Hatred and loss is all that fuels technology, and the creation seen as the progression for humanity, will be the finish of humanity.  Technology is just used against the world. It will surpass all living organisms because humans are creating it, and just as human fears take over, technology will. The world as a people are led by fears and motives, not on compassion and love. Technology is a representation of that. However, humanity is not numbers or code on a screen, it is so much more. Technology takes out the human characteristics of how humans function, and all is lost to a depressing imitation.

All things considered, technology is, and always will be, the kill switch to humanity. As technology continues to grow, so will the threat that comes with it, just tenfold. Just because humanity creates something, does not mean it is a depiction of it. Whether it be that the conspiracies come true, and technological improvements, such as robots, end humanity, or that humans themselves use technology against each other, technology will be, or lead to, the cease of humanity.