Senior Spotlight: Abrie Escalante


Abrie Escalante

Selfie of Abrie Escalante

Lexi Anchondo, Writer

“Art is everywhere; it isn’t until you begin to be positive in the world around you that you begin to see the beauty in the art that surrounds you,” senior Abrie Escalante said.

Soon beginning on her own journey, Abrie Escalante has begun to add the color and beauty to her own canvas, seeking happiness in the world of art. Being the oldest daughter of Javier and Amanda Escalante and sister to eighth grader Briana Escalante, Abrie has been surrounded in a passion and love for art her entire life. With her dad and sister also sharing the same artistry, it wasn’t long before Abrie discovered her true desire for a career built within drawing and designing masterpieces. After high school, she intends to attend South Plains College and receive an associate’s degree . From there, she is hoping to find a career in graphic design and design logos and other aspects for businesses.

Besides enveloping in her own creativity and talent, however, Abrie has found love elsewhere, and that love is found in helping individuals in the community she has called home for her entire life.

“I’ve gotten to help with a bunch of stuff,” Abrie said. “I do my best to be the first person to go and help somebody. It’s one of my favorite things to do.” 

Abrie currently participates in band, NHS, and StuCo. She used to compete in science, spelling, and math UIL events in previous years. She has made it to state for science, math, Solo & Ensemble, and marching band. Through her extracurriculars, she has developed life skills that she knows will benefit her in the future.

Abrie Escalante, Javier Escalante, and Amanda Escalante posing for a picture. (Briana Escalante)

“She’s really, really matured in the sense that she can conduct business in a leadership role as well as a follow the leader kind of thing,” Amanda said. 

Amanda could not be prouder of Abrie’s accomplishments and achievements she’s had her high school career.

“I’m proud of Abrie for everything, especially for coming up and being successful through lots of adversaries here at Springlake-Earth,” Amanda said.  “Abrie grew up being a sheltered and shy person and her accomplishments has made it to where she has to be somewhat of a social light.” 

Abrie has had to overcome her own personal challenges and remains strong. 

“When I first started out in school, I was doing really, really good, but when I got to high school, I stopped caring,” Abrie said. “I now got back into it, and I want to pass and succeed.” 

Over the years, Abrie has changed and has grown to be a very likeable person. 

Briana Escalante at a family member’s wedding. (Abrie Escalante)

“She is smart and helpful. If you need help, she’s smart enough to give you help,” Briana said. “She doesn’t try to overwork people.” 

Abrie’s inspirations lie within her family. 

“My family inspires me. They always want what’s best for me, no matter what. They’ve always offered me ways to learn from stuff they did and things I’m doing,” Abrie said. 

A person’s personality can determine their lifestyle. Abrie’s personality sets her up to be very successful in the future.

“Abrie empathizes with people even those she doesn’t know, and she sympathizes with others’ situation or circumstances,” Amanda Escalante said. “Abrie is displaying the upmost ideas and thoughts that you should follow your dreams despite what people tell you.” 

Abrie Escalante and Kevin Galvan (Amanda Escalante)

No matter what the future holds, Abrie is ready. Her path may be paved or rough, but in no way will she let herself lose to life’s challenges. 

“I just go where my mind takes me,” Abrie said. “But for sure, I want to continue to stay on top of everything and help people. I want to get better. I’m very excited for the future.”